Dark Warrior by Rebecca York

DARK WARRIOR - Rebecca York
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24370-1
September 2011
Paranormal Romance

Sedona, Arizona - Present Day

Two thousand years ago, with a barbarian invasion imminent, the Ionian High Priestesses turned to the Minot warriors for help. Once the battle was won, the Minot—true to their nature—tried to dominate the Ionians, which was very much against the Ionian way of life. The Ionians left the Minots and settled elsewhere, but in all of the years since, they’ve avoided the Minot descendants at all costs.

Sophia Thalia is returning to the spa she and her Ionian sisters own when her car is run off the road. When a stranger appears, she knows that he is Minot and she tries to escape, but he’s released some sort of gas that makes it impossible for her to control her body. Worse, she can’t control the desire the man is invoking in her, either. Just as the stranger mentions her not being the right one, another man arrives to fight off the first. She senses that the second man is also Minot, but her vision is obscured by the gas. And, when she feels desire for this man, it feels natural and right.

Jason Tyron has worked hard to get close to the Ionians in Sedona, and his plans are about to come to fruition when he senses the Minot man attacking. Jason believes that the bond between an Ionian and a Minot is what he wants, but from the moment Jason meets Sophia, he knows that no other woman will do. Now he just has to convince her that not all Minot men want to dominate and control their women.

DARK WARRIOR is a complex tale of ancient societies trying to survive in modern times. The Ionians have settled into Sedona and run a successful spa there, interacting with men only for pleasure or procreation. Sophia has never really questioned their ways, but her meeting with the two Minot throws her whole world into turmoil. She has never felt need for a specific man before, but suddenly she craves the man who saved her. When she discusses what happened with her sisters, Tessa, her biological sister, admits she has questions of her own. Jason is Minot, but he’s perhaps a bit more aware of his ancestor’s history than most Minot. He believes that it is possible for Minot and Ionian to get along, and that a union between them strengthens both people, but the Ionians are too entrenched in their beliefs and fears to make a union a possibility.

A fascinating tale, check out DARK WARRIOR.

Jennifer Bishop


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