Thursday, September 01, 2011


An Alien Huntress Novel, Book 6
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4391-7578-1
September 2011
Paranormal Romance

New Chicago

Assuming that their police records are not an exaggeration, Hector Dean has high hopes for two of the new recruits for AIR (Alien Investigation and Retrieval). But the minute Noelle Tremain and Ava Sans get off the bus, his hopes are dashed. Joking around with each other is bad enough, but the giggly, airheaded Noelle is no way going to make a good agent. In fact, Hector figures she won’t even last the week, and considering the attraction he feels for her, he’s going to make sure of it.

Growing up ridiculously wealthy doesn’t mean that Noelle has had an easy life. Her entire life, everyone has tried to change her—improve her—for her own good, of course. The only person to accept her unconditionally is Ava, her best friend. So, when Ava decides to join AIR, naturally Noelle goes along for the ride. The large, ripped, bald, and tattooed man who is their first instructor is not at all the type of man that Noelle finds attractive, so why can’t she stop thinking about him? The more he pushes during the training, the more Noelle realizes that being an AIR agent is what she wants, but can she have Hector, too?

From their time as trainer/trainee to working as partners, the relationship between Noelle and Hector is explosive, making DARK TASTE OF RAPTURE a captivating read. Spoiled, sometimes silly, and a woman not-to-be-messed-with, Noelle is a unique character that will have readers laughing out loud. She has no problem speaking her mind, and acts as if rules were made for other people. Yet she also has a vulnerable side well-hidden behind her brash personality and an unshakable loyalty to her best friend. Hector’s childhood was a nightmare that ended—sort of—in blood and death. He has a special “gift” that he feels is more of a curse, and it has caused him to isolate himself from most human contact. His attraction to Noelle is something he refuses to act on because he is too dangerous to take that chance, but Noelle isn’t someone willing to take no for an answer.

Fans of the Alien Huntress series will enjoy the chance to not only catch up with the characters from previous books, but also to learn a little more about Noelle. The book spans more than a year, from Noelle and Ava entering the AIR training program to where the previous book (ECSTASY IN DARKNESS, Ava’s book) left off. The mix of fun characters dealing with emotional baggage and an intense investigation will keep readers riveted. DARK TAST OF RAPTURE should not be missed.

Jennifer Bishop

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