Saturday, September 10, 2011

BROKEN by Patricia Haley

BROKEN - Patricia Haley
Chosen Series, Book 3
Gallery Books
ISBN: 978-1-4165-8064-5
August 2011
Inspirational Fiction

Detroit, Michigan - Present Day

The Mitchell family runs a multi-million dollar ministry, DMI. However, the family is dysfunctional, and with the tension, anger, deceit, and manipulation they have run amok. Joel Mitchell has driven the company into bankruptcy. Now, he has handed the company over to his nemesis, Don, who is his half brother. Their father, Dave, left each child a fair share. Not a good idea. Working also for the ministry are both of the late Dave’s wives: his ex wife, Madeline, Don and Tamara’s mother; and Sherry, his widow, Joel’s mother.

Don finds himself in a flood of problems resulting in the disaster Joel left behind. Mired down in paperwork, Don knows Joel too well, what else is he up to?

Don had given up on DMI and started his own company in South Africa. More enticing is his partner and the woman of his dreams, Naledi. Adding to his worry is Abigail who has been his right hand at DMI, but she has made it clear she is ready to take their relationship to another level. Don decides it is time to make some changes. But can he?

Tamara, Don’s older sister, is convinced to come home. After a violent attack and rape, Tamara has spent the last fourteen years hiding from life. She arrives home and decides to take her rightful place at the company. Her only condition is that Madeline must resign from DMI. Heartbroken, Madeline resigns and walks away, anything to get her daughter back to the states. Tamara feels she will never trust her family, but after a stalker finds her, Don rushes to her rescue. Will she finally see her family is there for her?

BROKEN is part of the Chosen series, and in this inspirational novel, Patricia Haley has based the story on King David and the family drama that surrounded him. Don, the main character, has grown tired of his family’s bickering. He is ready to move to South Africa with his own company. However, he puts his personal life on hold and tries to put DMI back together. He has put on Gods suit of armor and accepted his shortcomings and has decided it is time to forgive. More important, forgiveness is freeing, and Don has learned to turn to God and to let go of the pain from the past. Maybe the rest of the family will follow.

This is an inspiring faith-based novel. Patricia Haley has penned not just a beautiful story, but one that shows human nature is the same as it was all those years ago.

Deborah C Jackson

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