Saturday, September 10, 2011


Harlequin Desire #2109
ISBN: 978-0-373-73122-0
September 2011
Series Romance

Atlanta, Georgia and the Florida Keys – Present Day

Hattie Parker is desperate. Hattie promised by her sister’s deathbed that she’d raise her sister’s baby Deedee and keep her away from the man who caused the accident—the baby’s father. With lawyers gunning after her for custody, Hattie turns to her old college lover, Luc Cavallo, for assistance. Hattie is aware that Luc could easily turn her down, since their breakup left them not on the best of terms. To her surprise, Luc not only agrees to help, but also suggests they get married to make their ruse of providing a stable family for Deedee appear real. Is Hattie going from the frying pan into a hornet’s nest?

Luc is still angry over Hattie’s dumping him. After all, a man shouldn’t be told he has too much money as the reason to break with him. So, when she shows up on his doorstep begging for his help, he devises a plan to woo her back into his bed and then dump her when the custody battle is resolved. Of course, wooing Hattie means making love to her, but Luc didn’t expect the task would be so hard, despite the attraction that still sizzles between them. Will Luc get Hattie exactly where he wants her? Or will he discover that he doesn’t want to give her up again?

A baby and old feelings, both of heartbreak and rekindling desire, bring together former lovers Hattie and Luc in THE BILLIONAIRE’S BORROWED BABY. Hattie learned growing up that wealth did not buy happiness, so as much as she loved Luc, she feared their love would only bring heartbreak. Rather than face her misgivings, she chose to walk away, leaving him angry and confused. Hattie’s request for his assistance provides him with an avenue for what he sees as a way of revenge, yet as he grows to know her again, he realizes that deep down Hattie is a caring person who would do anything for her niece. Hattie never stopped loving Luc, but to give into the passion he promises her would force her to give up any control she has left. But without Deedee as a buffer, she finally gives in to the sensual desire flaring between her and Luc.

Hattie is an honorable woman. Not many women would give up their career to focus on their niece and do battle with a family (Deedee’s relatives) with enough money and power to make life difficult for her. Luc has to convince Hattie to trust him, even at the same time he slowly begins to realize he cannot live without her—or Deedee—in his life. They are at odds, yet Deedee is the link that ties and keeps them together.

A heartwarming romance revolving around rekindled love and another chance for a future together, THE BILLIONAIRE’S BORROWED BABY is a beguiling romance.

Patti Fischer

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