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Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Showdown, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2108
ISBN: 978-0-373-73121-3
September 2011
Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Injured football quarterback Mitch Hayward is temporarily acting as the Texas Cattleman’s Club president and has the ever efficient Jenny Watson as his personal assistant. When Jenny undergoes a makeover, Mitch’s head is more than turned, and the ensuing heated response from him ends in one night of passion. The next morning Mitch vows that it will never happen again, because he is not into commitment, especially with sweet Jenny. She’s heartbroken, but understands. After all, why would a rich and handsome man like Mitch want to be involved with a nobody like Jenny?

Jenny plans to go on with life and find a man to marry. However, Mitch is annoyed that she’s not only looking, but that other men are finding her attractive. He keeps telling himself and Jenny that they can’t have a relationship, yet he practically brands her as his. Their friends know Jenny and Mitch are under each other’s skin, yet they are being stubborn and not seeing the trees for all the leaves, only the shrubbery that impedes their future together. Will they need a shove to help them along?

Mitch Hayward is a stubborn man to say the least in AN AFTER-HOURS AFFAIR, and he can’t see how perfect Jenny is for him. Yes, he didn’t really notice her until she spruced up her wardrobe and makeup, but once he had her between the sheets, why did he even think he could break things off and still keep things professional between them? Jenny has always had a huge crush on Mitch and hoped for the chance to win his affections. When he rebuffs her afterwards, she’s crushed, but tries to move on with her life—and finding a new man. Watching Mitch’s response to the men moving in on his turf makes for some cute and funny reading in AN AFTER-HOURS AFFAIR. J

Part of the Texas Cattleman’s Club miniseries, this tale can be read alone, yet there are a few hints about what I assume is Brad’s story (he’s been a constant character in each of the three books so far). However, I would suggest you pick up this compelling series and start with Book 1 (ONE NIGHT, TWO HEIRS by Maureen Child) and Book 2 (THE REBEL TYCOON RETURNS by Katherine Garbera).

One of things to love about reading a romance novel is watching the hero grovel. In AN AFTER-HOURS AFFAIR, Mitch just may have to get down on his knees and do some heavy duty groveling to win Jenny back. She might love him, but she’s not going to beg for his love. As an added bonus, readers will have a secondary romance involving Mitch’s best friend, Cole, and Jenny’s best friend, Emily. What more could a reader ask for than two romances in one?

A cute, endearing tale, don’t miss AN AFTER-HOURS AFFAIR.

Patti Fischer

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