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Okay, I have a couple of winners to announce.

First up, the Deborah Court winner is......Christy M

Next up is the Grace Burrowes winner, who is..... Laurie G.

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Chat Wednesday night with.....Tina Gabrielle!

Mo's Book Buzz welcomes historical author Tina Gabrielle to her chat on Wed, Sept 28th from 9:00 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST.

Chat will be in the chat room and you can access it here and choose Mo's Book Buzz chatroom.

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Book Giveaway:


All she wants is peace and anonymity...

Lady Sophie Windham has maneuvered a few days to herself at the ducal mansion in London before she must join her family for Christmas in Kent. Suddenly trapped by a London snowstorm, she finds herself with an abandoned baby and only the assistance of a kind, handsome stranger standing between her and complete disaster.

But Sophie's holiday is about to heat up...

With his estate in ruins, Vim Charpentier sees little to feel festive about this Christmas. His growing attraction for Sophie Windham is the only thing that warms his spirits-but when Sophie's brothers whisk her away, Vim's most painful holiday memories are reawakened.

It seems Sophie's been keeping secrets, and now it will take much more than a mistletoe kiss to make her deepest wishes come true...

Learn more by going to this excerpt.

To enter to win this, just post once and I'll put your name in the hat.

One entry per person and open to US and Canada mailing addresses only.

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Carly Phillips book winner is....

Custom Random Number picked..... Karen H in NC!

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Q&A with Deborah Court and a giveaway!

1. Tell us about your newest release.

Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog, Patti! "Bound to the Prince" is a steamy Paranormal Romance, with elements from fantasy, Celtic mythology and the Arthurian saga. It's set in today's London and in Fearann, the elven kingdom - a medieval fantasy world of noble knights, monsters and magicians.

Fallen from grace, elven warrior prince Elathan is living in exile, separated from his own people. He despises humans; yet he has chosen to live among them, hidden in underground caves. When he beholds a strangely compelling woman on a London bridge one night, he abducts her and takes her to his lair, commanding her to be his slave of pleasure.

Igraine Chandler, a nurse from New Jersey, might not be everyone's idea of a perfect romantic heroine. Recently dumped by her faithless fiancé, she’s heartbroken and bereft of all her hopes and dreams. But she soon finds herself in a world beyond her wildest dreams, fighting at her prince's side to help him reclaim his throne. However, can she survive a night of untamed passion in the arms of a Fae, and will she be prepared to die for his immortal love?

2. Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

I really can't decide which is my favorite scene, but one which I call the "bathing scene" was definitely the most fun to write. It takes place in Elathan's cave chambers and an adjoining underground lake with a waterfall that he uses as a shower. As his newly appointed slave of pleasure, the prince commands Igraine to bathe him. But when she complies, he finds that it is suddenly the human who's in control now. You can read an excerpt from this scene below.

3. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Very early. I've always been passionate about books. My parents had to read me a bedtime story every night - then another, and another … ;-) When I was able to read and write myself, I started making up my own little stories or wrote alternative endings to my favorite books. As a teenager, I started to write fantasy and science fiction stories. I also drew/wrote my own comic book - it had elves in it, too. ;-) Later on I worked as a translator of historical romances and finally decided to write my own full-length novel.

4. Tell us a little about your daily writing routine. Are you a plotter or pantser?

I have two small children and a daytime job, so the only time left to write is at night. Usually, I write every evening until I fall off my chair. *lol* There are times when I don't get enough sleep but if I'm full of ideas I just have to keep writing. I'm a pantser, definitely. I start a new book with a basic idea of the plot and the characters inside my head, but then I just let the story unfold on its own. When the first chapters are finished, I'll try to get all my ideas into some order and write a rough outline for every chapter. But I am often taken aback myself when the story develops into a whole new direction. I love to be surprised.

5. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I have just normal "quirks", I fear. I have some special songs to which I listen while writing so I just play the right song which fits in with the scene I intend to write. And I love it when my Siamnese cat, Tinkerbell, sits by my side as I’m writing, taking her evening nap.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

In his book "On Writing", Stephen King says that he believes stories are found things, like fossils in the grounds. This may sound crazy, but it's the truth. If you stop plotting too much and just let the story and the characters take over, the story can take a course you never expected. Sometimes it feels like it's the book that writes itself, and the author is just some kind of worker who digs it out and gives it a shape. Writing is almost an inspirational experience. You have to switch off the planning/plotting part of your mind and just let it happen. At least that's how it works for me.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

This is hard to answer, there are so many great authors who influenced me - perhaps every book I ever read. Tolkien. Jane Austen. Arthur Conan Doyle. Stephen King - he's probably the most successful, but also most underestimated writer of our time. His characterization of a young girl in "The girl who loved Tom Gordon" is amazing.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

They support me in every possible way. Sometimes, when I'm in "writing mode", my husband takes the children to play outside so I get some time for myself. I feel very blessed that the people I love encourage me in what I’ve always wanted to do.

9. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

I am an obsessive reader, of course; I like paranormals, romances of all genres, the Victorian classics, mystery and horror novels. Besides being with my family, I love music, travelling and watching TV. I must admit that I'm a geek when it comes to TV series, "True Blood" being my favorite at present.

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

I 'm currently working on two projects. First is the next book in my "Elven Warrior Trilogy". It's the story of the elven magician, Calatin, who first appears in "Bound to the Prince". And I'm planning to publish an erotic novella, "House of Pleasure", quite soon.

11. How can readers connect with you online?

You can contact me at my website, , which features a book trailer, excerpts and more fun stuff. I also have a blog ( ), and you can find me on Twitter (!/Deborah_Court_/ ) or Facebook ( ). "Bound to the Prince" is available at Amazon ( ), Smashwords ( ), Barnes & Noble ( ) and iTunes ( ).

* * * * *

Excerpt from "Bound to the Prince"
© 2011 Deborah Court

Elathan stood at the edge of the lake, waiting for Igraine to serve him. "What do you want me to do, my Lord?" she asked, still avoiding looking at his private parts.

"Don’t you filthy humans even know how to wash?" he hissed impatiently. He gestured to the ornate table. "These vials contain soaps and oils. Use them to bathe my body, slave." The prince stepped under the waterfall, rinsing off part of the mud, but it stuck to his skin and hair. Igraine sniffed at some of the bottles, inhaling their wonderful, unknown scents. Some of them were fresh, others musky, but clearly intended for use on the gorgeous body of the male who was showering right in front of her, naked. Water droplets glistened on his skin, running down from his chest to his flat, rippling stomach and still further down, gathering at … "Why do I feel like I'm in midst of a Cool Water commercial now?" she nervously murmured, wincing when the elf threw her a glance that clearly declared her a lunatic.

Sighing, Igraine took a small green bottle containing a soapy liquid and followed the prince. Elathan stepped out of his natural shower without even looking at her. Closing his eyes, he turned his broad back to Igraine, with the unspoken order to wash him. She poured some of the aromatic soap into the palm of her hand. The mud was diluted by the water, but it still ran in dark streams over the elf’s body, down over his hips and his muscular backside, dripping over his thighs. It collected in a puddle at his feet.

Igraine’s hands trembled when she reached out to touch him. "May I …?" she said softly. "What are you waiting for?" Elathan replied. Despite the harsh words, his voice was low and hoarse. She couldn’t see the expression of his face from behind, but she noticed his rigid posture. His contempt for her was obvious.

Taking a deep breath, she fought back her tears and started with his dirty hair, lathering it with the luxurious soap. Black, muddy water ran through her fingers and down her arms. When she had worked the soap into the whole silken length, she reached up to massage his scalp. Elathan stiffened before tilting his head back so she could reach him more easily. After she had washed all the mud out of his hair, she reached out to touch his shoulders, covering his pale skin with the soap.

Elathan stiffened even more, looking like a statue of stone now. Her hands wandered to the sides of his neck to wash the dirt away, then moved down over his shoulders, rubbing him in circles. His skin was smooth and soft as velvet over his rock-hard muscles. She longed to touch him, ferociously. No man had ever affected her so much. Just being close to him made her a weak creature, driven by the most primitive desire to mate.

Now that he couldn’t see her shamelessly staring at him, she was safe to admire his muscular back. It was built like an artist’s masterpiece. The scars marring his alabaster skin only enhanced his beauty. Without them, the sight would be too perfect for human eyes to endure. They were old, faint scars, diagonally crisscrossing all over his back. Igraine suddenly realized that the prince had been whipped, even if it had obviously happened long ago. Tears stinging in her eyes, she lightly traced the scars with her fingers while she washed his back. Although she didn't dare, she longed to touch those reminders of his torment with her lips, kissing the ancient pain away.

Continuing with his waist, she found some very nasty grime there, sticking to the prince’s skin. As she rubbed his sides to get them clean, Elathan seemed to wince. She paused, but when he said nothing, she rubbed some more. He winced again, apparently trying to escape her touch. At first she stared at his back, baffled for a moment. Maybe he didn't like her to touch him anymore. But then she understood.

The merciless, battle-hardened elven prince was ticklish.

Amazed by her discovery, she pondered about tickling him some more, but decided against it. She should not tempt her fate too much. Instead she reached around his waist and began to wash his wide chest, feeling his strong heartbeat and the heat of his skin. He was so tall that she had to press her body against his back to reach him with her arms. Moving down, she soaped his flat stomach, feeling the tense muscles under her fingertips. Elathan seemed to breathe more heavily now. For a moment, she asked herself what would happen if she dared to go even deeper, washing him … there. When she had finished and withdrew her arms, she glanced down at his butt. Heavens, this was too good to be true – so smooth, perfectly rounded and tight. She wondered if he would allow her to wash him there, too.

Suddenly a mischievous grin spread across her face. Well, even if he would kill her afterwards, this princely backside would be worth it. Now your ass is mine, Your Royal Highness, she thought. She just couldn’t help it. Then her hands touched his muscular buttocks, lathering the soap in small circles over the skin. Maybe being an elven prince's slave wasn't going to be so bad, after all. When Elathan moaned ever so softly, she couldn’t hold herself back anymore. A small giggle escaped her lips.

Strong hands grabbed her upper arms. Igraine was whirled around until she stared directly into Elathan’s furious face, his golden eyes burning with anger. Before she could move or utter a sound, he picked her up like a weightless doll and threw her into the lake.

All of this happened so quickly that she didn't even have time to hold her breath. She sank into the dark water and struggled for a moment in panic. Then she managed to reach the surface and came up, coughing and gasping for air. Bewildered, she was still wondering what had happened when Elathan was suddenly in there with her, wading through the lake and quickly rinsing off the soap from his hair and body. His pitiless grin let her know that he found her distress entertaining.

"You!" she shouted angrily, shoving against his chest with both hands. The fact that his eyes widened with surprise gave her a certain amount of satisfaction, but not enough. "Prince or not, who the hell do you think you are? First you abduct and enslave me, threatening to kill me if I don't obey your every wish and whim. You hate humans, and still you don't bother to kill me. Instead, you seem to enjoy your little game of humiliating me. Why don't you finally get it over with, elf? You incredibly arrogant, insufferable…"

He grabbed her wrists and bent her arms behind her back with a swift movement. Simultaneously, he silenced her with a hard, passionate kiss.

* * * * *

Deborah is giving away a prize:

I'd love to "giveaway" a copy of "Bound to the Prince" - the winner can choose between the Kindle version

or other formats (PDF, Epub and more). Also, the winner will receive a free mp3 of my book soundtrack song

"Bound to You" by Jezebel.

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The Harvest of Grace by Cindy Woodsmall

THE HARVEST OF GRACE – Cindy Woodsmall
Ada’s House Series – Book 3
Waterbrook Press
ISBN: 978-1-4000-7398-6
August 2011
Inspirational Amish Romance

Dry Lake, Pennsylvania - Present Day

Sylvia Fisher has inherited her grandfather’s house and the family dairy, an unprecedented gift bestowed upon a female in the Old Amish Order. Only men are allowed to conduct business, let alone inherit said business over the other male heirs. And even though the dairy is hers, she collects no pay and does not have a say in the matters of business, only the cows. When she is betrayed by her father, her fiancé, and her sister, Sylvia flees the Fisher farm and moves to Dry Creek to run a dairy belonging to an Amish couple whose only son has disappeared.

Six months ago, Aaron Blank left the family farm and went into rehab at The Better Path, a home for recovering Amish alcoholics. The town of Owl’s Perch is also home to an appliance store for the Amish, a store Aaron has signed a contract to purchase. He wants to persuade his parents to sell the farm and move to Owl’s Perch, then help him run the appliance store.

Sylvia has left her home to seek forgiveness for her sin against her sister. She throws herself into hard work with one single goal in mind: making the Blank farm pay for itself. She has no idea how deeply in debt Michael Blank really is or how close to losing his farm he has come. When Aaron arrives, intent upon selling the farm and taking his parents back to Owl's Perch, all Sylvia sees is what she assumes to be Aaron’s selfishness. She cannot go home again, even though she owns her own right in the Fisher dairy. Her father made it clear that if she walked away from their farm she must leave behind all her assets. Now, her livelihood depends upon the Blank farm and the success she can make of it, but Aaron stands in her way.

Aaron has come home to secure his father’s signature for his loan, but he’s also concerned for his father’s health. His parents, Michael and Dora, are no longer able to expend the physical energy of running such a large dairy, and as their only surviving relative, Aaron wants to help them live out the rest of their days in peace and comfort. He thinks the appliance store in Owl’s Perch is the answer. But first, he has to get Sylvia off the farm and back to her own family.

THE HARVEST OF GRACE is the third and final novel in the Ada’s House series. Characters from the previous books, THE HOPE OF REFUGE (August 2009), and THE BRIDGE OF PEACE (August 2010), make up part of the story in THE HARVEST OF GRACE, wrapping all three novels together in the final story. The secondary characters include Sylvia’s sister Beckie and other members of the Fisher family; Aaron’s parents; and characters from the previous books, Cara, Lena, Ephraim and Grey.

THE HARVEST OF GRACE is an emotional story of one woman’s struggle to stand in her own right in the Old Amish Order, where women are expected to stay home and raise babies. Sylvia is outspoken and knows her way around the dairy farm, but she is innocent in matters of finance and running a business, kept silent by Amish ways. Aaron has struggled with his addiction to alcohol and overcome it, but still, he seeks his father’s forgiveness for the wrongs he believes he’s committed. Both Aaron and Sylvia are hurting from their past mistakes, but they find each other as they work to save the Blanks’ farm from foreclosure. Filled with romance and wisdom, THE HARVEST OF GRACE concludes the Ada’s House series in a neatly wrapped package.

Diana Risso

With a Little Luck by Caprice Crane

WITH A LITTLE LUCK - Caprice Crane
Bantam Books
ISBN: 978-0-553-38624-0
August 2011
Women’s Fiction

Los Angeles - Present Day

Some people are superstitious, not Beryl (Berry) Lambert…or so she says. Working as a disk jockey at a soft rock radio station and playing the music she loves should make her happy. It doesn’t. Berry is not just superstitious, but she irrationally believes everything happens for a reason. With her favorite lucky horseshoe necklace around her neck, and a four-leaf clover tucked in her wallet, Berry knows better than to walk under a ladder, or open an umbrella indoors.

Berry’s superstition doesn’t stop. Her love life has been ghastly. With two disastrous relationships under her belt, she is growing frantic because the next relationship will crash, burn and fizzle. Berry isn’t shy about voicing her doubts and should know better than to make comments about her love life on the air. Berry runs into a fellow disk jockey, Ryan Riley, who makes the wrong comment. Sparks not only ignite but grow as the chemistry between these two explodes as they spar. Why so angry, Berry? The station puts them on together, and their battle of the sexes is a hit, on the air and off. Ryan adores Berry’s eccentric ways but she is afraid because this is the third boy friend. Will this relationship crash and burn, or will Berry throw out all her superstitions and gamble on love?

WITH A LITTLE LUCK has a funny, entertaining plot with the neurotic, loveable character, Berry. She takes superstition to a whole new level. But we can’t blame it all on Berry. She was brought up by a dad who’s a professional gambler and who sees her as his lucky charm. Dad named her Beryl, because it means luck. Talk about pressure. Secondary characters are funny, with best friend Natalie and the Howard Stern clones who think their crude remarks are a hit on their program.

Caprice Crane has created characters who to come to life. The bickering, bitching, complaining, and banter spark and ignite as this story takes off and makes for a red hot read.

Enjoy, folks.

Deborah C Jackson

Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Highland Warriors, Book 2
Grand Central’s Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-56177-8
August 2011
Historical Romance

The Glen of Many Legends – 1397

There is tentative peace between the three clans living in the Glen of Many Legends. Three young ladies, each from a different clan, have made a pact amongst themselves to keep the peace for many years to come. Each lady will marry a man from a different clan to maintain the truce within the Glen. Lady Isobel Cameron has always fancied Kendrew Mackintosh. His wild, Viking-like ways fascinate and intrigue her, and she knows he is the one she wants to marry. A marriage to Lord Kendrew would fulfill her end of the ladies’ bargain.

Unfortunately for Lady Isobel, Kendrew wants nothing to do with her, or so it seems. He believes himself to be too wild and his land too untamed for such a gentle lady. But Isobel knows they are meant to be, and she will stop at nothing to prove it to him.

Kendrew is quite the hero! A well done mix of Viking and Highland warrior that is sure to make more than just Isobel swoon and fall in love. Readers will love his rough ways, as much as they will love Isobel’s fire and spirit.

TEMPTATION OF A HIGHLAND SCOUNDREL features an enchanting mix of romance, history, and the smallest bit of paranormal. There is a ghost about in the Glen of Many Legends, and he’s bound and determined to see his descendant properly married off, whether Kendrew likes it or not. But a ghost isn’t the only thing wandering about in the shadows, and it’s truly a joy to see Kendrew and Isobel find a way to work together to solve the Glen’s dangerous troubles.

TEMPTATION OF A HIGHLAND SCOUNDREL easily stands on its own, but for the full backstory, be sure to check out book one in the Highland Warriors trilogy, SINS OF A HIGHLAND DEVIL (JAN 2011).

Amanda Toth

Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh

A Hunter’s Guild Novel
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24391-6
September 2011
Paranormal Romance

Manhattan, New York - Present Day

The decapitated head of a vampire too young to be out of seclusion leaves Dmitri with enough questions; adding the unusual yet strangely familiar tattoo on the cheek to the mix means he’ll need some help from the Guild. The hunter the Guild sends, though, is so terrified of him and the other vampires that he’ll doubt she’ll be of much help.

Honor St. Nicholas has not left the Guild Academy (the school where hunters are trained) since her release from the hospital, and the thought of taking a mission that would bring her into contact with vampires terrifies her. It has been almost a year since her friends freed her from the basement where she was held captive for two months, tortured and used by sadistic vampires as little more than their pet. She’s buried herself at the Guild Academy, but when Sara, the Guild’s Director, orders her to the Tower, Honor knows that it’s time to face her nightmares. The fact that she’ll have to deal with Dmitri—someone who scares even the older vampires, and the second of Raphael, the Archangel of New York—only makes matters worse.

In spite of his reputation and inhumanity, Honor is drawn to Dmitri, even before he offers to find her tormentors and let her gain her vengeance. As he searches for the people responsible for her captivity, she researches the tattoo, and Honor and Dmitri quickly learn that both of their pasts have come back to haunt them.

Dmitri is the ARCHANGEL’S BLADE; not only Raphael’s, but also sort of the enforcer when it comes to vampires, and in this book we finally learn of his past. As a thousand-year-old vampire, his humanity was lost long ago, and through the past few novels readers have seen his reaction to Raphael’s falling in love with Elena. Dmitri has viewed this relationship as a weakness for Raphael, something his enemies can, and have, used against him. Yet, it’s not just his position as the leader of the Seven (Raphael’s elite squad) that holds this viewpoint; it’s the man who once lost the only woman he’ll ever love. When he meets Honor, he sees past the fear to the lush beauty that he desires as he hasn’t since his wife’s death, but he also sees the woman battling her demons. Having once been a captive himself, Dmitri knows the strength it takes to face your fears, and his protective instincts—also dormant since his wife’s death—rise up and demand that he avenge the torture she endured.

Living in a world where Dmitri is often responsible for meting out swift and brutal justice, combined with the horrors both have endured, means that this is definitely not a sweet romance. The softer emotions were burned out of Dmitri long ago, and he’s not often the most pleasant of men. Yet Honor—abandoned as an infant and relegated to not-so-nice foster homes before finally moving to New York and joining the Guild—appreciates the actions he takes on her behalf, and the protective way he treats her. He also manages to stir her out of the apathy she’s been living with for the past ten months, and Honor finds herself reluctantly drawn to the powerful vamp.

While this book takes place immediately following ARCHANGEL’S CONSORT, its focus is on Dmitri and Honor, rather than Raphael and Elena. It’s not exactly a book that would stand on its own though, in spite of being somewhat removed from the story arc in the previous books. Whether you’ve followed the Hunter’s Guild novels or not, though, ARCHANGEL’S BLADE is a riveting book that readers will find difficult to put down.

Jennifer Bishop

Dark Warrior by Rebecca York

DARK WARRIOR - Rebecca York
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24370-1
September 2011
Paranormal Romance

Sedona, Arizona - Present Day

Two thousand years ago, with a barbarian invasion imminent, the Ionian High Priestesses turned to the Minot warriors for help. Once the battle was won, the Minot—true to their nature—tried to dominate the Ionians, which was very much against the Ionian way of life. The Ionians left the Minots and settled elsewhere, but in all of the years since, they’ve avoided the Minot descendants at all costs.

Sophia Thalia is returning to the spa she and her Ionian sisters own when her car is run off the road. When a stranger appears, she knows that he is Minot and she tries to escape, but he’s released some sort of gas that makes it impossible for her to control her body. Worse, she can’t control the desire the man is invoking in her, either. Just as the stranger mentions her not being the right one, another man arrives to fight off the first. She senses that the second man is also Minot, but her vision is obscured by the gas. And, when she feels desire for this man, it feels natural and right.

Jason Tyron has worked hard to get close to the Ionians in Sedona, and his plans are about to come to fruition when he senses the Minot man attacking. Jason believes that the bond between an Ionian and a Minot is what he wants, but from the moment Jason meets Sophia, he knows that no other woman will do. Now he just has to convince her that not all Minot men want to dominate and control their women.

DARK WARRIOR is a complex tale of ancient societies trying to survive in modern times. The Ionians have settled into Sedona and run a successful spa there, interacting with men only for pleasure or procreation. Sophia has never really questioned their ways, but her meeting with the two Minot throws her whole world into turmoil. She has never felt need for a specific man before, but suddenly she craves the man who saved her. When she discusses what happened with her sisters, Tessa, her biological sister, admits she has questions of her own. Jason is Minot, but he’s perhaps a bit more aware of his ancestor’s history than most Minot. He believes that it is possible for Minot and Ionian to get along, and that a union between them strengthens both people, but the Ionians are too entrenched in their beliefs and fears to make a union a possibility.

A fascinating tale, check out DARK WARRIOR.

Jennifer Bishop

Star Crossed Seduction by Jenny Brown

Avon Historical
ISBN-13: 978-0-06-197606-3
September 2011
Historical Romance

London, England – 1820

Temperance Smith is a pickpocket living on the mean streets of London; she and her two friends’ nighttime refuge is about to be demolished and as the leader of their little group, she has done a terrible job keeping their heads above water. Becky has a twisted spine, and Clary is so young. It looks as if Mother Bostwick’s brothel will be their next stop, until an old friend who has turned to a lawful life meets her on the street and says his employer, Lady Hartwood, wants them to be her first residents at her Refuge for Unfortunate Females. With nowhere to go, the three girls go with her, but Temperance is sure she’ll just stay and eat and maybe get a bath, because she couldn’t stand to live with someone who puts down the poor. Her boyfriend, Randall, was killed in his fight against oppression, and he brought her in to his crew that stole money to fund his fight. Just the night before, a soldier had saved her from men who had seen her pick his pocket and wanted to turn her over to the police for a small reward. Captain Miles Trevelyan quickly falls for her charms when she unbuttons his pants and then runs away as they fall to his knees and he can’t run after her. But how awful the way that he made her feel with his kiss; it’s like she cheated against Randall.

Miles has returned to England on leave after ten years in India, and his mother insists he marry and produce an heir before his leave ends; without an heir his mother will lose her part of her husband’s estate. But when he meets Temperance after she picks his pocket, he is enthralled with her attitude. When Temperance goes to Lady Hartwood’s, she leads him to believe she is at a brothel, and he makes an offer to Lady Hartwood’s husband for a month of her time in spite himself. He soon learns Temperance isn’t afraid to lie practically all the time, and yet a tentative relationship grows between them. When Miles is asked to recover a rare gem from Sir Humphrey, it is suggested Temperance has been sent to make a fool of him and steal the gem first. But when Miles takes her in a fit of rage and disappointment, they both much face up to the fact that neither of them has been honest with the other.

Jenny Brown has written a story with many different parts and points of view from both Temperance and Miles. However, there is rather too much internal explanation by each character of why they are doing everything, and why something is going to go wrong. The beginning is fast paced between all the characters, but when the relationship of Temperance and Miles is the main part, the story slows down. The soldier meeting a woman who is a pickpocket and developing affection for her, and then throwing an assignment from the government into the mix was very interesting, but brought down by all the characters thinking and rethinking every move they make.

Secondary characters are Becky and Clary, Temperance’s friends, and Lady Hartwood, who in addition to wanting to save unfortunate women is also an astrologist and casts their charts. Sir Humphrey has a jewel that needs to be returned to India, and Major Stanley is Miles’s steadfast friend.

STAR CROSSED SEDUCTION is a tale of two very different people: a man who lives for God and his regiment in India meeting a young pickpocket who, in all ways, seems like a completely wrong mate. If you are enthralled with history and the machinations of governmental officials, this is the story for you.

Carolyn Crisher

A Perfect 10: Her Tycoon to Tame by Emilie Rose

A Perfect 10
Harlequin Desire
ISBN: 978-0-373-73125-1
September 2011
Contemporary Series Romance

North Carolina - Present Day

Hannah Sutherland is a spoiled rich girl, or at least, that’s what millionaire Wyatt Jacobs thinks. She drives a BMW, has a houseful of antiques, wears diamonds while she’s at work in the barn, and, she’s just too pretty for his own good. Well, this time, Hannah will not get what she wants. Instead, Wyatt plans to be rid of her as fast as he can get her off his property. And it doesn’t matter that she owns her own parcel right smack in the middle of his ranch; one way or another, he will get her and her poor excuse for a charity out of his life for good. His contract says he has to keep her in his employ for a year, but first, he’ll find an excuse to fire her or make her quit. Either way, she’s history.

Hannah Sutherland has just had her future and her livelihood swept out from under her by her father’s betrayal. Thinking he was acting for her well being, the man sold the family ranch right out from under Hannah and left her penniless. Oh, she still has her veterinarian’s salary and her job on what used to be the family ranch, but if Wyatt Jacobs succeeds in finding an excuse to fire her, she won’t even have that. The beautiful horses she works with are more than her job; they’re her heart and her heritage, and Hannah refuses to walk away without a fight. And to make matters worse, Wyatt’s kissed her one too many times. Hannah refuses to give in to the passion his lips ignite; she’s been without a man for too long, and this one is pure trouble. But maybe she can use his attraction to get her ranch back...

HER TYCOON TO TAME is Wyatt Jacobs, who is used to getting what he wants when he wants it. He’s been manipulated by women in the past, and Wyatt learned their lessons very well. Now, he uses what they taught him to get what he wants, and getting Hannah’s little piece of land is his first goal; getting her out of his life and off his ranch is his second. But Hannah also learned some lessons from a conniving ex-fiancé and a low dealing father, and she’s going to use those very tricks to get what she wants out of Wyatt. A few passionate kisses here and there might go a long way...

HER TYCOON TO TAME is full of dynamic and interesting characters; every one of them sparkles and brings the story full circle from beginning to end while each and every page pulsates with life. Emilie Rose has penned one of the newest and most interesting novels I have read this year, earning a Perfect 10! I promise these characters will jump right off the paper and into your heart. Among the secondary characters are the Sutherland Ranch housekeeper, Nellie; Wyatt’s step-father, Sam; and Sam’s nurse, Carol. Sam is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and Hannah wants to prove to Wyatt that she and her therapeutic riding school will help Sam. To Hannah, all Wyatt sees is the bottom line in dollars and cents. And yes, to some degree she is correct in her assumption, but Wyatt rose to the top of his game the hard way, and he just wants to give Sam the best for the years he has left.

Meanwhile, Hannah takes on HER TYCOON TO TAME, no holes barred. There is passion, love, and tenderness sparkling inside these pages. Ms. Rose takes us to a wonderful place with this Perfect 10 novel; it's full of romance as Hannah and Wyatt push their way into each other’s hearts!

Diana Risso

The Women of the Cousin's War by Phillipa Gregory, David Baldwin, Michael Jones

THE WOMEN OF THE COUSINS’ WAR - Philippa Gregory, David Baldwin, Michael Jones
The Duchess, the Queen, and the King’s Mother
ISBN: 978-1-4516-2954-5
September 2011

Following an extensive Introduction where Ms. Gregory explains the roles of women in history, readers learn the story of Jacquetta, mother of Elizabeth Woodville. While little is documented of this mysterious woman, what is known is that she was wed at young age to the much older John of Lancaster, the first Duke of Bedford. That obviously immediately aligned her with the House of Lancaster. At her husband’s death, when she was nineteen, Jacquetta inherited everything from the duke, which left her not only a wealthy widow, but a wealthy royal widow. Her choice for her next spouse, however, was not a popular one. He was not another royal, but Sir Richard Woodville, a soldier. It was Woodville with whom Jacquetta would have fourteen children (not all of whom would live), including their eldest, Elizabeth, who would have a monumental influence on the future of England.

Jacquetta would struggle throughout her life with the numerous wars and battles that affected England, France, and much of Western Europe. She would also be accused of witchcraft, among other things. She served as a lady in waiting to the powerful wife of Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou. Her love of books, and her devotion to her children were overshadowed in history’s references to her by some, but Ms. Gregory has given readers of this period some thoughtful information about an interesting woman.

The “White Queen” of Edward IV was born to her royal mother and soldier father around 1437. She grew up in the countryside, the eldest of a growing family of upwardly mobile siblings. As a young girl she was married off to John Grey, and gave him two sons before he was killed at the second battle of St. Albans. While her brothers moved higher in society and power, Elizabeth obviously moved a bit higher. No one knows how or actually when she met King Edward, but they were rather suddenly wed, much to the Court’s shock and disgust. She was hardly a popular choice, but Edward must have loved her to chance the displeasure of his people.

Mr. Baldwin speculates via research that Elizabeth was probably not the evil woman she’s been depicted in history by others, and it’s also probable that she knew exactly what happened to her sons in the Tower. She was known to have come to an agreement with Richard III as well as Henry VII, both of whom could have killed the boys, but it’s doubtful considering Elizabeth’s dealings with them. After all, she ended up being Henry’s mother-in-law.

Mother of Henry VII by her second husband, Edmund Tudor, Margaret was born into the upwardly mobile, but not highly regarded, Beaufort clan. It is speculated throughout this portion of the book that Margaret’s behavior, her piety, and her legendary championing of her only son can be directly related to the history of her family. The Beauforts were only legitimized after their founding father, John of Gaunt, obtained it legally after he married his long-time mistress, Katherine Swynford. Plus, Margaret’s father, John, Duke of Somerset, failed miserably as a soldier and committed suicide when she was a year old. Her single minded determination and belief in her only child had to have quite an effect on him. She was to play more of a role with Henry VII’s reign than his queen.

All three of these remarkable women played huge roles in the War of the Roses, also known as the Cousins' War, and their detailed stories based on extensive research are fascinating reads. Readers will be interested in reading Ms. Gregory's next novel, THE LADY OF THE RIVERS, which is the story of Jacquetta.

Jani Brooks

Always Devoted by Karen Rose Smith

ALWAYS DEVOTED – Karen Rose Smith
Search For Love Series, Book 3
Smashwords –
Available Now
Romantic Suspense E-Book Novella


Emma Henderson is a giver. She took care of her mother until she died, then continued to care for her younger sister, Paige, even after she married and had daughter Becky. And she owns and runs a gift basket shop. A year ago, an accident took her husband, and three months ago, Paige, now twenty, disappeared on the way to San Francisco. Her car was found abandoned on the side of the highway. The police have been unable to find Paige, so Emma takes part in a TV interview promoted by media producer Linc Granger. Even while nearly overwhelmed by life, Emma can’t help feeling attracted to Linc.

Linc Granger is handsome, highly successful, and distrustful of women, but he’s strangely moved by Emma Henderson and charmed by four-year-old Becky. He arranges a meeting between Emma and his friends, Gillian Bradley and Jake Donovan. Together, these two friends trace missing persons; Gillian has a “gift” that lets her make connections, and Jake is a former cop who deals with the mundane aspects of a search.

Popular Harlequin/Silhouette romance author Karen Rose smith adds a bit of a mystery to contemporary romance in ALWAYS DEVOTED, but she continues to delve into the hearts of her characters and includes her trademark heartwarming passages between an alpha man and a child.

ALWAYS DEVOTED is a brand new story that carries on the Search For Love series following earlier works now turned into E-books under the titles NATHAN’S VOW and JAKE’S BRIDE (excerpts are added after the novella). All three are available on line. For more info, you can check out Ms. Smith’s website at .

Jane Bowers
Romance Reviews Today

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion by Charlaine Harris

Ace (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-441-01971-7
September 2011

Present Day

Welcome to Bon Temps and the world of Sookie Stackhouse and her assortment of vampire, were and “other” friends and acquaintances. This nifty novel companion is sure to be a hit with fans of Ms. Harris’s wildly popular Sookie Stackhouse series. It’s filled with interesting information and offers up a short story as well.

Where to begin … at the beginning I suppose. The Sookie Stackhouse companion starts off with a forward by Charlaine Harris and includes a map of Bon Temps and the story, Small Town Wedding. Featured in this tale are Sookie and Sam, (Sookie’s shape shifting boss and friend). Sookie and Sam head for a small town in Texas to attend Sam’s brother’s wedding. There is some concern that it won’t go off without a hitch because ever since the “weres” came out and Sam’s stepfather Don shot his mother, (no she didn’t die and Don is in jail) there has been hostility and tension in the small town. Sookie agreed to attend the wedding for a number of reasons, first because she is Sam’s friend, and second because his real girlfriend is not someone he is ready to bring home to mom. From the moment Sam and Sookie arrive in Wright, Texas things begin to go wrong—and Sookie wonders if there will be a wedding at all. Mayhem ensues as the anti-were factions do everything they can to stop the wedding. Will they succeed? You’ll have to read the book to find out Small Town Wedding is filled with familiar and new characters and as in each story the character interactions and dialogue make this a treat to read.

The next section is titled Life in Bon Temps and I found this section particularly interesting. While I am a fan of the series I am seriously behind on my reading and Life In Bon Temps gives very short descriptions of each of the books, focusing on the key issues of each book and includes a timeline. By the time I got to the end of the section I was intrigued and more determined than ever to catch up on my reading about Sookie. There is also information on the Sookie short stories and other relevant information.

Section Four is titled Vampires, Two-Natured and Fairies…Oh My! In this section the reader gets Sookie’s unique perspective on the “other” natured characters she has encountered throughout the series. A fun section, and very much in Sookie’s voice, and it ends with Sookie’s family tree…interesting relatives!

Section Five reminded me once again it’s time to get back to reading the series and maybe even starting over with the first book, DEAD UNTIL DARK. A terrific series of trivia questions where true fans can test their memories. (I definitely need a refresher course!) A lot of questions pertaining to facts in each book, such as in DEAD UNTIL DARK, What is Gran’s full name? Name? Gran had a name? You can see my memory is shot.

Section Six is delicious—don’t read if you are hungry. Titled What’s Cookin’ in Bon Temps, this section is, yep you guessed, filled with delicious recipes! I personally want to try the Crossroads Jambalaya. Yum

Section Seven is sure to please fans to the HBO Series and is titled Inside True Blood. The creator and writer of that show answers a multitude of questions from the readers. From how he discovered the books to why he has changed things a bit...such as letting Lafayette live. While I don’t watch the series, I might just give it a shot after reading this interview.

Section Eight, From Mystery To Mayhem, discusses Ms. Harris’s work not related to the Sookie books. The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, the Lily Bard series and The Harper Connelly Series. All sound good, and they have me reaching for my list of books to buy to make several additions. Next up are Reflections Around the Duckpond, a section by and about Ms. Harris’s fan club, followed by a questions and answer session with Ms. Harris, and wrapping up this entertaining and enjoyable companion book is a Guide To the World of Sookie Stackhouse with codes, definitions, and character descriptions.

Whether you are a long time fan, new reader, or just curious about the series, THE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE COMPANION is a fun and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and learn (or relearn in some cases) what makes these novels so popular and unique. Get your copy…and then get back to the books!

Terrie Figueroa

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Book Giveaway:

SERENDIPITY by Carly Phillips


Faith Harrington was the classic girl of privilege--until her father was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme and then her marriage crashed and burned.

Now Faith is back in her hometown, hoping for a fresh start. But her father's betrayal has rocked Serendipity - and not everyone is ready to welcome her with open arms. Then she runs into her teenage crush -- the dark, brooding Ethan Barron. Ethan, no stranger to scandal himself, never imagined he'd own the mansion on the hill, much less ever again come face to face with Faith--the princess he once kissed senseless. The chance meeting reignites the electric charge between them.

Still, when Ethan hires her to redecorate what was once her childhood home, Faith is sure that getting involved with the town's notorious bad boy will only lead to trouble. But her heart has other ideas. And so do the townspeople of Serendipity ...

Learn more about Carly Phillips and her books by visiting

Click here to read RRT's review of A Perfect 10: Serendipity.

If you're interested, post away and I'll announce the winner at the end of the week. Good luck!

US and Canada mailing addresses only.

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The Lucky winner is......

LSU Reader wins the copy of LUCKY GIRL from Cate Lord!

Please email me at  with your info.


Thursday, September 15, 2011


Congratulations Cheerleaders Pictures, Images and Photos

First off, the Gabriella Hewitt winner is.....Na!

And the winner of The Darkest Sin is Chelsea!

Congrats and please email me at with your info.

I will pull out Thursday's winner over the weekend.

Q&A with Cate Lord....with a giveaway!

Give a warm welcome to Cate Lord and learn more about her latest release and how to win a copy of her book.

1. Tell us about your newest release.

Thanks so much for inviting me to do an interview at Romance Reviews Today, and for asking about my latest book! :) Lucky Girl is a quirky, funny, lighthearted romantic comedy I describe as “Bridget Jones dates James Bond.” The heroine, twenty-nine-year-old Jessica Devlin, is the beauty editor of Orlando’s O Tart magazine and she takes an overdue vacation to be maid-of-honor in her English cousin’s wedding. Jess has a few misgivings about crossing the pond, after recently being dumped by her fiancé while planning her own wedding, and an embarrassing episode two years ago after her grandfather’s funeral that involved an English pub, too many drinks, and a gorgeous Brit who held her in his arms and comforted her while she cried.

Of course, Jess believes there’s a one in a gazillion chance of her running into James Bond gorgeous Nick Mondinello again—but guess who is at the wedding? Jess firmly believes marketing exec Nick isn’t right for her, since he’s a playboy like her dad who left when she was twelve, but fate keeps throwing her and Nick together in ways she never expected. It’s a story that I hope will keep readers giggling and turning the pages until the very last word.

2. Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

About halfway through the book, Nick turns up on the doorstep of the house where Jess is staying with flowers and a gigantic box of chocolates—an apology for a misunderstanding that happened at his party the night before. That scene was actually inspired by one of the first dates I had with my husband, when I was living and studying in England. He’d heard I’d recently celebrated my birthday, and arrived with a lovely bouquet of flowers and the biggest box of chocolates I’ve ever seen. I was very impressed! :) I just knew that moment belonged in a book, and was pleased to work it into Lucky Girl.

3. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I wrote my first stories when I was about four years old (my mom still has them), and I’ve been writing poems, short stories, novellas, and novels ever since. I get cranky when I don’t write. I guess my creative muse gets restless when I’m not putting my imagination to good use. 

4. Where do you get your information or ideas for your stories?

I get my ideas everywhere: snippets of conversation, magazine articles, even conversations with my teenage daughter. Lucky Girl was inspired by the year I spent studying abroad. I lived with my uncle and aunt in Hertfordshire and traveled by train down to London every day. On weekends, I partied with a great group of friends I met through my English cousins. Jess’s love of gin and tonics is definitely something she got from me! :)

5. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I have to write in a quiet place. Some authors like to listen to music; I end up tapping my toes or humming along to the songs, and I can’t focus. I also have to have a cup of coffee or tea beside me when I work. It’s part of my process to write a bit, then sip coffee while reviewing the last few sentences I’ve written. Then it’s drink down and fingers back on the keyboard.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?

I was surprised how much I fall in love with my characters! I adore Jess. She epitomizes many of the insecurities women experience. She stresses about her weight, appearance, work performance, being embarrassed, saying the wrong thing, being inadequate in the dating scene, and more. I think of her as one of my best friends. And Nick? Wow. Total hottie. But then, I’ve always loved dark-haired men with a British accent! :)

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

When I decided to pursue publication, I became very active in Central Florida Romance Writers, a terrific RWA chapter. Through CFRW and events at other local RWA chapters, I learned writing craft and how to submit my material. I also met my critique partners, talented writers whom I consider my best friends. We’ve been meeting for many years and my books are better because of their constructive comments.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

They are super supportive! My husband encourages my creativity, has driven me to out-of-town book signings, and hands out my bookmarks and business cards whenever people ask about my writing. My teenage daughter thinks it’s neat that her mom’s a writer. She has a wonderful writing voice, and I think one day, she’ll be an author, too. My parents always keep extra copies of my books on hand to give away to my friends, and my sister has beta read several of my manuscripts for me. It’s wonderful to have that kind of support.

9. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?

I love to cook and bake; right now I’m trying recipes from Jamie Oliver and Ina Garten, from their shows I’ve watched on Food Network. I also enjoy reading, working in my garden, shopping trips with my daughter, browsing antique stores, and spending lazy days with my family.

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

I have a few writing projects in the works. More details will be available soon!

11. How can readers connect with you online?

Please visit my website at  for the latest news on my books and author appearances. I also love to connect with readers via Facebook and Goodreads.


Thank you, Cate, for joining us at Romance Reviews Today blog!

Readers, interested in winning a download of her book? Post your questions and/or comments and you'll be entered to win a copy of LUCKY GIRL.

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Chat Wednesday night with......CHRISTIE CRAIG!

Grand Central author Christie Craig joins us to discuss her book, DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS. Door prize: One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS as well as a necklace set made by Christie! Moderated by CrazyMo.

When? 9/14/11 Wednesday night at 9:00PM Eastern time

Where?  or go to  and click on RRT Chat. Once the login screen loads, just type your name and choose Mo's room from the drop down chat room menu ;)

Hope to see you there!

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Book Giveaway:

THE DARKEST SIN by Caroline Richards


Desperate Deceptions
Lord James Rushford is the only man in London who can lead Rowena Woolcott to the villain who has been tormenting her family for years, and she will stop at nothing to enlist his help. Even if she must pretend to play a dangerously enticing role: his mistress.

Shadowed Secrets
Rushford has demons of his own – a dark past that haunts his memories. Yet the temptation that Rowena presents is more than he can resist.

Relentless Desire
Claiming to be lovers should not be so easy – or feel so achingly appealing. But as Rushford ushers Rowena through London's most elite clubs and sinister underworlds, truth and fantasy blur. And as the threat to Rowena grows near, the masquerade of passion begins to feel startlingly real…

Learn more by going to the author's website at:

One lucky winner will be chosen to win a copy of THE DARKEST SINNER. To enter, tell us about an author (or more than one) that you miss writing. Could be one who has retired or passed on.

Winner will be announced later in the week.

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Q&A with Gabriella Hewitt....and a giveaway!

Hello! Thank you so much for having us as guest on your blog.
We are so happy to be here today.

Gabriella Hewitt is the pen name of creative writing talents Sasha Tomaszycki and Patrizia M.J. Hayashi. Together they weave tales of romantic suspense and dangerously sensual paranormals. Check out the website to find out about upcoming releases and events on her blog.

1. Tell us about your newest release.

The Shadow Wariors series is our latest series from Samhain Publishing. Out of the Shadows is the first novella in the series. It's a series that weaves Aztec mythology with contemporary settings:
Where men fight to save humanity from evil and lose a part of the soul in the process. Where women possess gifts from the gods that connect them to the elements and allow them to save the shadow warriors from losing their spirit to their inner beast.

2. Can you tell us a little about your favorite scene in the story?

There is a scene in Out of the Shadows that involves Carolina and Tomas. They have battled the demon and during the fight, her farm animals get hurt. The scene is particularly touching because we see how deeply Carolina cares for the land and all of her animals. They have become her family. We also see the contrast between her and Tomas. He can't see why she weeps for a beast, yet her sadness touches him. In this scene we get the first glimse that she is the key to restoring his humanity and that for her, he is the one that will complete her, someone she can depend up on and will stand by her no matter what. He's a rock and he's not going anywhere.

3. What is a typical day for you when you're writing?

Patrizia - Actually I think for each writing team there can be different styles. In our case, we write and freely go back over each other’s writing and write over one another or “layer” as we like to call it. So we’re often moving forward, moving back and doing what needs to be done to make the story stand strong. It works for us.

Sasha -We pretty much pick up where the other one left off. We have a similar writing style and do our best to make our voices blend. We pitch ideas to each other. Then we pick one and run with it. Since we write series, we try to build up a bible or an arc that will be the running theme in each story. We mostly write all of our stories using an outline. Once in a while we panster it just to keep it fresh for ourselves but we find this harder if the other person has to go on vacation or is sleeping and we have questions. So we plot out the stories and get our character charts down pat before we head off and type up a novel.

4. What's the best part about being an author?

Best part of being an author is seeing our book cover on and hearing feedback from readers that they loved our story.

5. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

It would definitly being able to write amidst chaos, children crawling all over us and husbands that require more attention than the kids. But we wouldn't have it any other way. Knowing we have other responsibilities makes us use our time wisely.

6. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your characters and plots?

It has been a joy to learn about the ancient Aztecs, their beliefs, the gods and goddesses, and to learn Nahuatl and get to converse with another person about the langauage, the people and the cutlure.

7. What authors or friends influenced you in helping you become a writer?

Caridad Pineiro has been a wonderful mentor and helped me to understand the business. Nora Roberts was my all time favorite. I met her years ago and did an interview with her for college and she inspired me to write romance. Julie Miller and Deb Webb are two of my favorite authors of romantic suspense and from them we learned about page turning suspense. And can't forget Julie Garwood, from her we learned the importance of chapter ending hooks.

8. What does your family think about your career as a published author?

Patrizia - My parents and aunts are some of my biggest fans. My aunt went out and bought seven copies and handed it out to her freinds. She made me autograph all of them.

Sasha - My husband and my sister are my cheerleaders. My husband handed out copies of my books to his co-workers as Christmas gifts.

9. Besides writing, what other interests do you have?'

Sasha - Reading is top of the list but other than that I like to stay active. Swimming, walking along the Greenway, bike riding and fishing.

Patrizia - Reading has always been a favorite for me. It relaxes me. I also began Karate several years ago with my sons and really enjoy it.

10. Can you tell us about what’s coming up next for you writing wise?

We are finishing up the next installment for the Shadow Warrior series. Then we are going to be working on two full novels.
Our Egyptian mythology-based contemporary paranormal is half way done and then we are going to be working on the next title of our romantic suspense ICE series, which takes readers back to beautiful Puerto Rico to catch a killer.

11. How can readers connect with you online?


Thank you so much for having us on today.

We are so excited to preview our book trailer for Out of the Shadows. Enjoy!

Win a copy of OUT OF THE SHADOWS by posting questions and comments! A winner will be announced in a couple of days.

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SUNRISE OF AVALON by Anna Ellliott

A Novel of Trystan and Isolde
ISBN: 978-1-4165-8991-4
September 2011
Historical Fiction

Britain after Arthur

Isolde, former High Queen of Britain, now cares for battle wounded left at the infirmary in the Abbey of Saint Eucherius. Daughter of Modred and Arthur’s queen Gwynefar, and granddaughter of Modred’s mother, Morgan, Isolde is a well thought of healer, and her skills are in high demand. She spends her days tending to those she can save, and giving comfort to those she cannot. But when not concentrating on her patients, she is worrying about her husband, Trystan, who has gone to rescue his friend Fidach from the clutches of Octa of Kent, who has allied himself with the traitor, Marche of Cornwall, who is, tragically, Trystan’s father. Isolde knows how dangerous this foray will be, and she wonders if she’ll ever see Trystan alive again.

Trystan is known for his supreme loyalty to his men. He will not ask them to do anything he wouldn’t do, nor will he leave anyone behind. And that means getting Fidach away from Octa is a primary necessity. Leaving Isolde is painful, though, as he worries about her safety, too. Trystan spends much of his life worrying about how his actions affect or have affected others. He takes the blame for every death or wound, and he no more thinks he is worthy of Isolde than he respects his sire. He and Isolde are linked, though, and he knows he will do everything within his power to return to her and to protect her.

Working against Trystan and Isolde and those who are loyal to Britain is one person who has been the cause of many deaths and betrayals. No one knows who it could be until he reveals himself to a stunned Isolde, who now finds herself a prisoner at the very abbey where she works.

SUNRISE OF AVALON is the conclusion of the Twilight of Avalon series (TWILIGHT OF AVALON and DARK MOON OF AVALON are the first two novels). It is based on the legendary love story of Trystan and Isolde, with a few twists to the well-known tale. Arthurian folklore is woven beautifully throughout this brilliant novel. I only wish I’d read the first two books! Isolde is, of course, breathtakingly lovely, trying her best to reunite the chaotic world of Britain with her honor and bravery. Trystan, brave to a fault, carries the heavy burden of having to fight a war with his own father, protect the one he loves, and take care of those loyal to him. There are brutal battle scenes, as well as tender moments between Isolde and Trystan. How many of the secondary characters can be trusted? Will Trystan and Isolde ever be together again?

A fascinating book that I didn’t want to end. Beautifully written with in-depth characters, and well researched descriptions of life in medieval Britain. I highly recommend SUNRISE OF AVALON.

Jani Brooks

LIE FOR ME by Karen Young

LIE FOR ME – Karen Young
Howard Books
ISBN: 978-1-45161518-0
August 2011

Houston, Texas - Present Day

Teacher Lauren Holloway is planning her wedding to successful contractor Tucker Kane when her world is blown apart in a twist of fate. Tucker discovers the bloody body of his ex-wife, Margot, in an old house where he was working. He calls 911; the police show up, and he is arrested for her murder. Seems that Tucker and Margot recently had a very loud and very angry discussion when Tucker went to pick up their daughter, Kristy, for his scheduled weekend visit. Couple that with his missing hammer that turns up covered in Margot’s blood, and Tucker is a wanted man.

Meanwhile, Lauren finds that her promotion to principal of the Christian school where she works is in jeopardy, and Tucker asks her to lie and say that she was with him at the time of Margot’s murder. Lauren refuses to lie for Tucker and steels herself against an angry school board while they attempt to take apart her professional life because of Tucker’s problems. Lauren refuses to lie for Tucker, and he disappears, still wanted by the police.

Several months go by. Lauren still wonders if Tucker is innocent or guilty, the fact that he ran points a damaging finger toward his guilt. But when she briefly sees him again, she learns some troubling truths that cause her to doubt her suspicions. Soon Lauren finds her life in danger. Someone is shooting at her, and thankfully they missed, but it isn't long before she has to hide, just like Tucker.

LIE FOR ME has a large cast of characters and is a suspenseful and captivating story. Lauren rightfully refuses to lie for Tucker, but when someone tries to kill her for what she doesn't know, she begins to wonder if he isn't telling the truth. All Tucker wants is the evidence he needs to prove his innocence. And that evidence will uncover a political web of intrigue and a path of guilty people who are covering their tracks with Tucker’s life at stake.

Many secondary characters play their parts very well here. Tucker’s former father-in-law and current boss, Martin Houseman, believes in his innocence. But Martin’s wife, Evelyn, is determined to see Tucker pay for her daughter’s death, guilty or not. Police Detective Sherman wants Tucker put away; he doesn’t need to look at any other suspect; Tucker is guilty in his eyes. Craig Rawls and the school board want Lauren fired just for being engaged to Tucker.

LIE FOR ME is a tangled web that is a suspenseful tale of intrigue and danger. Is Tucker guilty? Read the novel and decide for yourself...

Diana Risso

KILLER IN CONTROL by Dorothy Francis

KILLER IN CONTROL – Dorothy Francis
Five Star
ISBN: 978-1-43282-507-7
July 2011

Key West, Florida - Present Day

Police Sergeant Katherine Morgan, or Kitt, is running away from herself. She shot a man in self-defense, and now she’s been put on paid administrative leave while a review board decides her fate. It didn’t help that Kitt’s boyfriend deserted the minute she was put on leave. Since her badge is at stake and she might lose her job over the incident, Shelby Cox decided that Kitt was no longer good enough for him. Oh well, she doesn’t need Shelby anyhow. Trying to cope with her mistake, she’s decided to hide out at her sister’s bed and breakfast home in the Florida Keys. A few weeks at Janell’s home will help her. Just the sun and the surf and relaxation.

Relaxation is far from Kitt’s agenda, however, when she walks into The Poinsettia, Janell and Rex’s bed and breakfast inn. Abra Berrie, one of their guests, has been murdered, and the police suspect Rex of the deed. Abra Berrie was in the Florida Keys scouting locations for the big wind turbines her company builds. Lots of opposition reigns in the area; no one wants those big mechanical monsters dotting the landscape.

When Janell and Rex ask Kitt to solve Alba’s murder, she decides she might as well use this distraction to keep her mind off her own troubles back in Iowa. Kitt agrees to help her sister who introduces her to a mixed bag of strange characters, maybe suspects, who are friends and employees of Janell and Rex. There’s the gardener, Phud Ashby, who’s really a PhD; live-in psychic, Hella Flusher; and the musicians who play at the inn, Ace, Teach and Mama G. Did one of them kill Alba Berrie?

Kitt asks lots of questions and tries to find a motive for killing Ms. Berrie. The stakes are raised when she realizes that there is a KILLER IN CONTROL of her every action.

Kitt subsequently catches Rex in a lie, and both Ace and Teach have suspicious alibis. Hella Flusher refuses to use her powerful psychic insight to help the police catch the killer, and Rex keeps getting questioned by the detective on the case. Kitt wrestles with her investigation into Alba’s murder; while back home the review board is leaning toward a disciplinary action against her. Will she solve the murder and retain her job?

KILLER IN CONTROL is a nice, cozy mystery with suspenseful twists in the closing chapters. Kitt agonizes over the mistake she made back home while she plugs ahead in her investigation of Alba Berrie’s murder.

A cozy beach read for the end of the summer days, KILLER IN CONTROL is a quick and enjoyable read!

Diana Risso

WINGS OF FIRE by Caris Roane

WINGS OF FIRE - Caris Roane
Guardians of Ascension, Book 3
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-031-2533-73-1
September 2011
Paranormal Romance

Mortal Earth - Present Day

Antony Medichi is a strong warrior, day in and day out. He fights against the death vampires and rogue vampires that invade Mortal Earth. Antony is assigned to protect the lovely Parisa Lovejoy and doomed to fall for her. Although, when Parisa is abducted by a member of Commander Greaves's army, Antony will stop at nothing to get her back. Parisa draws Antony deeper and deeper with her charm and beauty. His love for her strengthens his powers as her Guardian, but his strengths have never been tested more. Roth, Commander Greaves's agent, kidnaps Parisa for her blood. If Parisa wants to survive her captors and ascend to Second Earth, she must form the deepest bond. A bond with Antony in the flames of eternity.

Caris Roane provides more alpha heroes and kick-butt heroines in her latest Guardians of Ascension novel, WINGS OF FIRE. This might very well be the best book in the series yet. Parisa is strong and easy to like, and Antony has always been a favorite of the Blood Warriors. The side characters we all know and love are still around and as strong as ever. Roane never fails to deliver in characterization and spunk.

While WINGS OF FIRE and the others in the series take on a tale and feel of their own, often the books in this series may remind readers of J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood or Laura Adrian's Breeds of Midnight series. Each features strong female leads and the best alpha males, vampires, third person dialogue, and a band of "brothers". However, Caris Roane's novels feature much more. Throw angels and other dimensions into the mix, and readers have a brand, spanking new story

WINGS OF FIRE is full of steamy romance and hot, hot, hot action. Readers see a more in-depth view of the world this fabulous author has created. This series can be read out of order, but start at the beginning for a better understanding of the world that Caris Roane has created. Paranormal romance, and even urban fantasy fans will not be disappointed!



Stetsons and CEO’s, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2110
ISBN: 978-0-373-73123-7
September 2011
Series Romance

Texas - Present Day

Gabe Benton is surprised when the woman on the side of the road turns out to be Maddie Halliday. They’d been friends since childhood, and when Maddie was finally old enough, they became lovers. Six years ago, though, Gabe’s job was taking him out of the country, and since he wasn’t looking to settle down anyway, they broke up. With the recent marriages of his brother and friends, Gabe has been thinking of settling down and finding someone to share his life with. Now that he’s seen Maddie again, he knows exactly whom he wants in his life.

In town to sell her grandfather’s ranch, Maddie is torn about seeing Gabe again. While a part of her is glad to see him, another part can’t forget how heart-broken she was when he left. She’s built a life for herself in Florida and is anxious to return to it, yet at the same time she can’t resist the pull of spending time with Gabe. However, when Maddie left six years ago, she left without telling Gabe she was pregnant with his child, sure that this decision was best for both of them. If they continue their relationship, she’ll have to tell him the truth…and risk losing him for good.

Circumstances tore Maddie and Gabe apart six years ago, but fate will bring them back together in WILD WESTERN NIGHTS. When they were together the first time, Gabe was working for his family’s company and traveling a lot, while Maddie was away at college for much of the year. Though she was in love with him, Gabe didn’t want any kind of commitment, not even an exclusive relationship, so when they went their separate ways, Maddie decided not to tell him about her pregnancy. Knowing him as she did, Maddie figured he’d propose out of a sense of duty, and neither of them would be happy with the marriage. Now, she’s a bit more self-confident, with a job and life in Miami that she loves. Gabe is sure that he’ll be able to convince her to spend more time with him in Texas, but as far as Maddie is concerned, that’s not an option. As she slowly comes to realize that Gabe has matured, and is a different person than he was six years ago, the more Maddie understands that she has to tell him about their daughter. Will he understand the reasons behind her choice, or is she about to lose the only man she’s ever loved for a second time? Check out WILD WESTERN NIGHTS to find out.

Jennifer Bishop


St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-03-123-8178-3
August 2011
Historical Romance

1800s Scotland

Serena Marsh has always lived a luxurious life. She writes articles for the paper that endear her to everyone, women and men alike. She is known and pampered at every party she attends. Now Serena has been thrust into the Scottish revolution. Serena is shocked by the man her father wants to protect her, and even more shocked by why. A band of Scottish rebels are after her. Serena wants nothing more than to look down her nose upon the rugged man, Malcolm Slayter, who is to protect her. Instead, she finds that he may be the most attractive man she has ever met.

Malcolm Slayter is a bastard to his kind. His father betrayed the family clan when he was a boy, and in turn the clan killed his father and his family. Malcolm agrees to protect Serena for a fee. However, she is a more challenging assignment that he originally thought. Serena's attitude and the attraction between them arise, and all bets are off.

Michelle Marcos expertly weaves history and romance in this exhilarating tale, SECRETS TO SEDUCING A SCOT. Serena is a strong female protagonist whom readers will root for every step of the way. At times, she can come across as a bit stuck on herself, but it is all part of her characterization and charm. Malcolm is every woman's favorite historical alpha. Strong and sexy, rugged and dangerous, funny and brooding... What's not to love?!

The action begins at the first page and flows effortlessly throughout the novel. Marcos weaves a Regency era romantic tale with witty banter, romance, action, and drama into one tightly bound package. For fans of the author, this book is not to be missed. For new fans such as myself, you will enjoy it. I recommend giving Michelle Marcos and SECRETS TO SEDUCING A SCOT a try!


BROKEN by Patricia Haley

BROKEN - Patricia Haley
Chosen Series, Book 3
Gallery Books
ISBN: 978-1-4165-8064-5
August 2011
Inspirational Fiction

Detroit, Michigan - Present Day

The Mitchell family runs a multi-million dollar ministry, DMI. However, the family is dysfunctional, and with the tension, anger, deceit, and manipulation they have run amok. Joel Mitchell has driven the company into bankruptcy. Now, he has handed the company over to his nemesis, Don, who is his half brother. Their father, Dave, left each child a fair share. Not a good idea. Working also for the ministry are both of the late Dave’s wives: his ex wife, Madeline, Don and Tamara’s mother; and Sherry, his widow, Joel’s mother.

Don finds himself in a flood of problems resulting in the disaster Joel left behind. Mired down in paperwork, Don knows Joel too well, what else is he up to?

Don had given up on DMI and started his own company in South Africa. More enticing is his partner and the woman of his dreams, Naledi. Adding to his worry is Abigail who has been his right hand at DMI, but she has made it clear she is ready to take their relationship to another level. Don decides it is time to make some changes. But can he?

Tamara, Don’s older sister, is convinced to come home. After a violent attack and rape, Tamara has spent the last fourteen years hiding from life. She arrives home and decides to take her rightful place at the company. Her only condition is that Madeline must resign from DMI. Heartbroken, Madeline resigns and walks away, anything to get her daughter back to the states. Tamara feels she will never trust her family, but after a stalker finds her, Don rushes to her rescue. Will she finally see her family is there for her?

BROKEN is part of the Chosen series, and in this inspirational novel, Patricia Haley has based the story on King David and the family drama that surrounded him. Don, the main character, has grown tired of his family’s bickering. He is ready to move to South Africa with his own company. However, he puts his personal life on hold and tries to put DMI back together. He has put on Gods suit of armor and accepted his shortcomings and has decided it is time to forgive. More important, forgiveness is freeing, and Don has learned to turn to God and to let go of the pain from the past. Maybe the rest of the family will follow.

This is an inspiring faith-based novel. Patricia Haley has penned not just a beautiful story, but one that shows human nature is the same as it was all those years ago.

Deborah C Jackson


Enemy Club Series, Book 2
Grand Central’s Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-56200-3
August 2011
Contemporary Romance

Galton, New York – Present Day

Nina waited two years for Mick Rivers to come collect her brother Walt’s house, but with nary a word from him, and with her own financial worries, Nina gave up on Walt’s wishes and moved into her brother’s house. The house is all Nina has left, and she’s made it a real home despite all the tragedy in her life. But with the engine roar of a fancy car, Mick Rivers slides up her driveway and turns Nina’s life upside down.

Mick never understood why Walt left him the house, but with Mick’s sister in the hospital and the bills piling up, he needs the cash the sale of the house will bring. He didn’t plan on Nina being there, and he certainly didn’t plan on having feelings for her. Mick quickly finds himself torn between the two things he wants most…to get the money his sister needs, and to be with Nina in the beautiful little home she’s made for herself.

In many romance novels, it takes nearly the entire book for the fated pair to admit they love the other person. Nina and Mick don’t have that problem; it only takes about half the story for them to realize they want to spend their lives together. But the audience need not worry; there is still plenty for the love birds to deal with. Mick and Nina have to overcome so many obstacles, it almost hurts to see a couple that could otherwise be so happy have to go through so much just to be together. But the end result is surely worth the wait.

I think author Sophie Gunn did an amazing job with bringing two characters together that otherwise could have truly hated each other. Mick is coming to take away the only thing Nina really owns, and for that reason alone, these two should be enemies. But their love and mutual respect leads to a beautiful relationship against all the odds.

SWEET KISS OF SUMMER works well as a standalone, but be sure to look for book one in the Enemy Club series, HOW SWEET IT IS (JAN 2011).

Amanda Toth


Texas Cattleman’s Club: The Showdown, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2108
ISBN: 978-0-373-73121-3
September 2011
Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Injured football quarterback Mitch Hayward is temporarily acting as the Texas Cattleman’s Club president and has the ever efficient Jenny Watson as his personal assistant. When Jenny undergoes a makeover, Mitch’s head is more than turned, and the ensuing heated response from him ends in one night of passion. The next morning Mitch vows that it will never happen again, because he is not into commitment, especially with sweet Jenny. She’s heartbroken, but understands. After all, why would a rich and handsome man like Mitch want to be involved with a nobody like Jenny?

Jenny plans to go on with life and find a man to marry. However, Mitch is annoyed that she’s not only looking, but that other men are finding her attractive. He keeps telling himself and Jenny that they can’t have a relationship, yet he practically brands her as his. Their friends know Jenny and Mitch are under each other’s skin, yet they are being stubborn and not seeing the trees for all the leaves, only the shrubbery that impedes their future together. Will they need a shove to help them along?

Mitch Hayward is a stubborn man to say the least in AN AFTER-HOURS AFFAIR, and he can’t see how perfect Jenny is for him. Yes, he didn’t really notice her until she spruced up her wardrobe and makeup, but once he had her between the sheets, why did he even think he could break things off and still keep things professional between them? Jenny has always had a huge crush on Mitch and hoped for the chance to win his affections. When he rebuffs her afterwards, she’s crushed, but tries to move on with her life—and finding a new man. Watching Mitch’s response to the men moving in on his turf makes for some cute and funny reading in AN AFTER-HOURS AFFAIR. J

Part of the Texas Cattleman’s Club miniseries, this tale can be read alone, yet there are a few hints about what I assume is Brad’s story (he’s been a constant character in each of the three books so far). However, I would suggest you pick up this compelling series and start with Book 1 (ONE NIGHT, TWO HEIRS by Maureen Child) and Book 2 (THE REBEL TYCOON RETURNS by Katherine Garbera).

One of things to love about reading a romance novel is watching the hero grovel. In AN AFTER-HOURS AFFAIR, Mitch just may have to get down on his knees and do some heavy duty groveling to win Jenny back. She might love him, but she’s not going to beg for his love. As an added bonus, readers will have a secondary romance involving Mitch’s best friend, Cole, and Jenny’s best friend, Emily. What more could a reader ask for than two romances in one?

A cute, endearing tale, don’t miss AN AFTER-HOURS AFFAIR.

Patti Fischer


Black Gold Billionaires, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2111
ISBN: 978-0-373-73124-4
September 2011
Series Romance

El Paso, Texas – Present Day

With an ongoing investigation into a refinery explosion at Western Oil, the main suspect right now is Chief Operating Officer Jordan Everette, and Jane Monroe is hired to work undercover as his secretary. Jane hopes Jordan will notice her and, in doing so, give her access to his deepest secrets. However, she didn’t expect the man to be so darn handsome that her toes nearly curl inside her three-inch heels. While she’s covertly digging around the office in search of clues, Jane does indeed attract Jordan’s attention. Is Jane playing with fire?

In fact, Jordan figured out right off the bat why Jane was placed there and decides to play along until he can turn the tables on her. It doesn’t hurt that she’s unaware that she’s beautiful and she can’t understand why he’s paying attention to her. The more Jordan woos her, though, the harder it becomes to resist falling for her. But Jane may be his enemy, and Jordan needs to tread carefully before thinking about sleeping with her. Jordan is in the running for the top job at Western Oil and feels he has the job in his pocket, and now he just needs to figure out why Jane is investigating him.

Is Jordan guilty of sabotage, and will Jane expose his bad deeds? Or will she let the attraction between them come between the truth and not wanting to hurt the man she’s begun to love? Jordan and Jane each come into MUCH MORE THAN A MISTRESS with deception firmly up their sleeves. Jane is trying to convince Jordan she’s only the temporary replacement secretary, and Jordan’s trying to get close enough to her to learn her secrets. Jane was advised to use any means to conduct her investigation, but nowhere was it implied that she sleep with Jordan! However, she can’t help the desire that flares between them. Their chemistry burns as hot as an oil well fire and neither can resist the other. But with so many untruths between them, are they playing a dangerous game?

Jane comes from a family of lawyers and has always felt like a mouse around them. She left the family business to join an investigative organization and is proud of securing her first assignment—at Western Oil in Jordan’s office. But she may be way in over her head. Jordan’s growing up wasn’t the best, with parents that bitterly fought and destroyed the family. Add in the fact that his older brother, Nathan, is also employed at Western Oil and his rival for the top spot, and Jordan already has his hands full. Will Jordan and Jane work out their family issues and fall in love? Can there be any type of future between them with all the deceit that began their relationship?

MUCH MORE THAN A MISTRESS is the final book in the Black Gold Billionaires series by Michelle Celmer, and readers are in for a treat. Mousy Jane becomes the beautiful swan who attracts the attention of her roguish boss, Jordan. Will the mystery behind the refinery explosion be resolved, and will we learn who will be the new head of Western Oil? Enjoy Jane and Jordan’s tale as you learn the answers in MUCH MORE THAN A MISTRESS.

Patti Fischer