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Night Trackers, Book 4
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-94643-2
June 2011
Paranormal Romance

New York City, New York - Present Day

Nyx, a half-human, half-Drow (Dark Elf) private eye and one of the Night Trackers (law enforcement of the Paranorm world), has a few races on her list of I’d-rather-not-deal-with-them-and-if-they-fell-off-the-face-of-all-the-Realms-it-wouldn’t-be-a-bad-thing; chief among them lately have been the Vampires. But, there’s one she hates even more…Zombies. There’s nothing, I repeat, nothing, Nyx hates more. Nyx is as badass as it gets, and Zombies have given her nightmares ever since she was a small child. It’s probably a good thing then that she’s never actually came face to face with one. Of course, all good things must come to an end, and this is one of them. Zombies are real, and they’re headed into New York City. Now Nyx and the rest of her friends and allies have to figure out where they’re coming from and stop whoever’s making them before her adopted home of Earth Otherworld becomes nothing more then a giant feeding ground.

When ZOMBIES SOLD SEPARATELY begins, Nyx is still finding her footing after her recent run-in with Master Vampire Volod and his minions. She (along with every other Paranorm) almost lost her life because of that bloodsucker, and, sometimes, she remains unconvinced he’s really gone. And now comes the return of her old Zombie nightmares and maybe even worse, meeting her lover, Detective Adam Boyd’s, all too human family. Can Nyx defeat the Zombies and impress the people most important to Adam? It’s a lot to ask of anyone, but after all, this is Nyx, and she’s so not your average Drow princess.

Adam is sweet, strong, loving and sexy, but as a human, is he really the one for Nyx? He might be, after all, her best friend and fellow PI and Tracker, Olivia is human. Nyx and Olivia make a great team—think Lucy and Ethel only with way less humor and tons more attitude. Many of the Trackers readers have become familiar with are back, as is their leader, Rodán (Nyx’s mentor and former lover). There are two new Trackers this time around, one savvy readers will recall with fondness, and one who’s sure to strike sparks everywhere he goes, especially when he’s around Nyx. Readers will also get to meet Lord Amory, a sorcerer willing to do anything to save his people, and Desmond, another sorcerer living quietly in New York. Since we’ve never met a sorcerer in any of the other Night Tracker books, they should make for interesting reading in this one. Also previously unseen (a situation remedied here) are the Magi, those precious and omniscient young women whom Trackers are sworn to protect. All in all, the secondary characters in this novel are sure to move the story along and captivate your imagination right along with Nyx herself.

Cheyenne McCray has a history of writing action-packed adventures that are full of thrills, chills, and enough emotion to bind it all together. Her characters are never boring, and the worlds she creates are fresh and vivid. That theme continues in the fourth installment of the Night Trackers series (see for information on the first three), and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you like romance, fantasy, action, and danger, you’ll find it all in ZOMBIES SOLD SEPARATELY. Oh yeah, I should probably mention that after reading this, I so believe in a quote from one of Olivia’s t-shirts “You’re a really good friend, but if the Zombies come, I’m tripping you.” :-)

Lori Ann

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