YOU SEXY THING! by Tori Carrington

YOU SEXY THING! – Tori Carrington
Harlequin Blaze Anniversary Reissue
Harlequin Blaze #629
ISBN: 978-0-373-79633-5
August 2011
Contemporary Series Romance

Various Cities in the United States – Present Day

On tour to promote their sex advice books, rival doctors Grace Mattias and Dylan Fairbanks encounter each other for the first time when he accidentally enters her hotel room—and interrupts her taking a shower. The sight of the beautiful and naked Grace has Dylan’s libido motoring into overdrive. Grace herself is intrigued by the stuffy, uptight man who has written a sex book, yet seems uncomfortable discussing his sex life. When their respective public relations assistants get the bright idea of their touring together, both Dylan and Grace realize it’s going to be hard for two people who talk about sex to not think about doing it…with each other!

YOU SEXY THING! gets right to the heat in the opening scene when a distracted Dylan gets off on the wrong floor and right into Grace’s room. Even as they discuss sex in general terms to their listeners on radio, the two dance around the subject with each other. Of course, as rivals, they both think their book is the best. Their rivalry certainly heats up the pages in more ways than one! As the son of a free spirited couple, Dylan thinks sex should be handled with thought and dignity. Grace grew up in a Leave it to Beaver type of household, and her idea of sex is to let it all hang out. Dylan and Grace are a case of opposites at war—and attraction. Meanwhile, they go on tour together, which forces them into close contact as they travel. Even as they spar over their differences, they can barely keep their hands off each other. How long will it take before Dylan and Grace end up in bed together? Will an affair last just as long as the book tour, or can they make it into something that goes beyond? And what about the other woman in Dylan’s life…the one he is about to propose to?

Tori Carrington helped launch the Harlequin Blaze line ten years ago with YOU SEXY THING! and readers got a good, hold-with-asbestos-gloves type of read this line is noted for. This tale is in copies of UNDENIABLE PLEASURES—out now. Even though this was written ten years ago, YOU SEXY THING! is a tale for the modern ages. Grab a cold drink and get ready to dig in for some hot reading.

Patti Fischer


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