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WITH NO REMORSE by Cindy Gerard

WITH NO REMORSE – Cindy Gerard
Black Ops, Inc., Book 6
Pocket Star Books
ISBN: 978-1-4516-0681-2
August 2011
Romantic Suspense

Peru – Present Day

Luke Colter’s on a train going to Cuzco, Peru after recovering from a gut-shot in San Salvador. His life with Black Ops, Inc. used to be the most important thing to him, until he woke up with his mother crying over him. Is what he’s doing really worth dying for, and what would he do if he didn’t work for Black Ops? Could he leave his fellow operatives and not have their backs during missions? As he’s trying to get some sleep, he sees a young teenager in the seat across the aisle. He isn’t Indian or Peruvian and his clothes look more American made. He's just about to fall asleep when he feels the itch and knows something bad is about to happen and, sure enough, the brakes stop the train and it’s invaded by several gunmen. He can tell they are looking for someone specific and not there to rob everyone, and by the way the teenager looks, he’s the one. After men are killed and Luke and the teenager jump off the train, Luke finds out he’s not a teenager, but “he’s” the famous model Valentina. Valentina, whom Luke once saw on a roadway billboard back when he was a teenager, and who was the subject of several of his sexual fantasies. What’s Valentina doing in Peru, in disguise no less?

It’s a long story, but after Valentina Chamberlain divorced her husband Marcus she needed time by herself, and headed to Peru. She’s due back in the states to deliver needed supplies to Sierra Leona through the UN, something she and Marcus, a government representative, had been doing for several years. Val has no idea who would want her killed, and running through the desert of Peru trying to stay alive with only a stranger helping her almost has her at the edge of hysteria. Luke seems to know how to keep them safe, but finding out why they are after Val is vital so she can be protected. Despite the dangerous position they are in, Val is determined not to come under the thumb of a man again; she wants to be her own person and be strong in her own right.

Ryang Wong Jeong is a high government official in North Korean and has spent several years making arms deliveries to Peru alongside the medical and school supplies. His contact is Augustine Sesay, whose grandfather used to be the leader in Sierra Leone. Unknown to Val, Ryang needs her and Marcus to be the decoys for the delivery, and will accept nothing less. Nobody messes with Ryang and lives to tell the tale.

Luke and Val make it back to the Black Ops group and now must find out who is after Val and why. Luke and Val have become intimate, but neither can accept the connection they have made. Val still wants to be by herself, and after her past history she doesn’t believe she can make right decisions regarding men. For his part, Luke is still wondering about his future, and whether he still has the energy left to put his life on the line every day.

Cindy Gerard once against throws us into heart-stopping, mile-a-minute danger in WITH NO REMORSE. Told from Luke’s and Val’s points of view, we meet two people who are both facing a crisis in their lives. With the threat of death behind every corner, Luke doubts his future and whether he can still give his “all” to Black Ops. Val has been hiding out for the past month, trying to blend in and give herself some time to think about who she is after her divorce. Fast action and immediate threats means quick thinking is needed at all times, and the bravery to do what needs to be done.

Secondary characters include Ryang Wong Jeong, the North Korean man selling the arms and gaining prestige in North Korean politics. His wife and daughter are the center of his life, anyone else is expendable as long as he gets his way. The other members of Black Ops, Inc. gather around Luke and Val to save their lives and prevent the shipment of arms. Augustine Sesay wants to gain control of Sierra Leone after his family lost control of its valuable diamond mines. And Marcus Chamberlin is the catalyst for Val’s leaving; their marriage broke up and she has no idea about his connection to the arms shipments to Sierra Leone.

WITH NO REMORSE is the sixth book in the Black Ops, Inc. series, and highlights, along with their heroic actions, Luke who doubts that remaining with the group is for him after his near death injury. Val is trying her best to recover from a failed marriage and trying to stay away from Luke who seems to be loyal, trustworthy, and reliable, someone she can’t believe in after making so many mistakes in her personal life up to now. LAST MAN STANDING (early 2012) is the final book in the Black Ops, Inc. series and features Joe Green and a connection to a fallen member of their group over ten years before. WITH NO REMORSE is a standalone read, and you don’t need to have read the others to feel a part of their tight knit group. Enjoy the camaraderie and connection among the members of Black Ops, Inc. and join their world of danger and jeopardy.

Carolyn Crisher

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