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WICKED IN YOUR ARMS by Sophie Jordan

ISBN: 978-0-06-203299-7
August 2011
Historical Romance

England – 1800’s

Prince Sevastian Maksimi of Maldania is relieved the war is finally over in his country after ten long years. Too many people have been killed, including his brother. Now that he has become the heir to the throne, it is his duty to find a wealthy wife with impeccable lineage to produce an heir. He is at a ball in England talking to his cousin Malcolm, discussing this very subject. Malcolm warns him away from the Hadley sisters who are wealthy, but illegitimate, their father owning a popular gambling hell. Grier Hadley is standing in back of them behind the ferns, and she hears their conversation, fuming all the while. She wants respectability above all else in her life, but she is constantly snubbed and ridiculed. She “accidentally” pours her lemon water on the prince. She is amazed when he turns around and she sees such a handsome man, but she walks away with her nose in the air.

Grier and Cleo’s father wants his daughters to find good ton husbands, but Grier is finding it very trying to be the butt of jokes and insults from them. Sevastian is also trying to do his duty to find a wife, but before he does what is expected of him, he goes off to be alone with a beautiful married woman. Grier manages to disrupt their meeting and get mixed up with the pair, much to her anger and reader’s enjoyment (an entertaining scene in the story). Sevastian finds Grier unusually attractive with her dark skin and freckles. She is also attracted to Sevastian, but tells herself she cannot tolerate the man!

While attending a house party, Grier finds the prince is also one of the guests, but her father wants her to catch the interest of the dowager duchess’s youngest grandson, Lord Tolliver. Grier finds him less than interesting. They have nothing in common. As hard as she tries to not catch Sevastian’s attention, they can’t take their eyes from each other. Even though she is not as beautiful as many of the women of his acquaintance, will he be able to resist her passion for love and life?

WICKED IN YOUR ARMS is the story of a young woman who was raised by her stepfather as a tomboy, loving the outdoors and riding and walking in Wales. Now, her father expects her to attract a man who would give him an entrée into the ton. The prince’s brother was the heir until he was killed in Maldania’s war; Sevastian is expected to do his duty and marry the proper woman and serve his country. He finds it very difficult when he is so attracted to the hoyden, Grier Hadley. They are both likeable characters, and both are trying to find someone acceptable to marry that their family will approve of. The romance heats up for both of them.

WICKED IN YOUR ARMS is an entertaining and romantic tale that moves along at a good pace with an unexpected and exciting conclusion, and with a delightful epilogue finale.

Marilyn Heyman

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