THE VAULT by Boyd Morrison

THE VAULT – Boyd Morrison
ISBN: 978-1-4391-8182-9
July 2011

Seattle, Washington and Elsewhere - Present Day

What if you ignored the incessant ringing of your cell phone, only to discover that answering it literally meant life and death? This is the scenario for former combat engineer Tyler Locke and linguistics expert Stacy Benedict. Tyler is on the Seattle ferry, bound for Bremerton, when he finally answers his cell phone. The caller tells him he has a few short minutes to disarm a bomb or people aboard the ferry will die. Oh, and his father has been kidnapped! When Tyler finds the bomb hidden inside a van, he discovers that he can’t defuse it unless he can read Greek! The seconds tick away...

Meanwhile, Stacy Benedict has received a call on her cell phone from the same person, sending her to the same van aboard the ferry both she and Tyler are on. Stacy can read the Greek codes, but can she decipher them fast enough? So many people depend on them.

Criminal Jason Orr has been on a lifetime quest to find what he calls the Midas touch. He is convinced that a secret room he found once as a child holds the treasures of the real King Midas. Tyler thinks the man is crazy, but he has no choice. He must follow his instructions. Jason Orr is holding Tyler’s father and Stacy’s sister hostage. And he’s given Tyler and Stacy just five days to track down King Midas’s hidden gold. The only clue Tyler has to go on is an ancient manuscript written by the Greek inventor Archimedes, 2000 years ago. They race against the clock from Seattle to the Greek Islands, Italy, and finally back to New York in an explosive conclusion.

THE VAULT is a top notch and fast paced thriller full of twists and turns. There is tension and nerve wracking suspense as Tyler and Stacy race to beat Jason Orr’s clock. Secondary characters include Grant, Tyler’s co-worker and best friend, and the deadly Gia, the only other person who’s seen the gold.

This book will hold you hostage and give you a wild ride!

Diana Risso


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