Warriors of Poseidon, Book 7
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24179-0
June 2011
Paranormal Romance

Washington D.C.; Atlantis; Arizona - Present Day

Daniel has been one of the staunchest allies the Warriors of Poseidon could ask for, but at over 11,000 years old, he’s tired and ready to concede that both his status as leader of the North American vampires, and his life, need to end. But, when he steps into the sunshine for the first time in so many years, he finds an end, and a beginning he didn’t expect. He’s transported to Atlantis, and before him stands Serai, the love of his long life and the woman he’s believed dead for thousands of years.

Serai is a princess of Poseidon who was once in love with a blacksmith named Daniel. But when he betrayed her, she agreed to secure the future of Atlantis by being put in stasis (magic limbo much like Snow White in her crystal coffin). It’s been over 10,000 years, far longer then originally promised, and Conlan, the prince she was to marry in this century, chose a human over her. Now she’s been awakened by the violent energy of the Emperor (one of Poseidon’s gemstones that kept Serai and her sleeping sisters safe). It’s being used by a dark sorceress, and Serai is determined to get it back and save her sisters. And if Daniel wants to help, she’ll let him, though an explanation for his betrayal (a really good one) would surely help as she ventures into a whole new world.

Although their stations in life were once a seemingly insurmountable stumbling block, and the misunderstandings between them now look like that as well, this pair is going to need to embrace the feelings between them if they, or Serai’s sisters, are to survive. Should be simple to overcome that history. Yep, easy as pie…

You wouldn’t expect the Warriors of Poseidon to welcome a VAMPIRE IN ATLANTIS but Daniel has been a great help to them. Once a master mage in the Nightwalker Guild, he’s rough, tough and all kinds of dangerous. Not to mention intelligent, determined and honorable to the core. It’s just too bad he doesn’t appreciate his good qualities and instead views himself as more of a curse on humanity and most definitely as the beast to Serai’s beauty. You’ve got to give Serai credit. She’s no mere beauty. She’s brave, strong, skilled in magic and equally as dangerous as Daniel in her own unique ways. Compassionate and caring, she’s not going to give up without a fight whether it’s in regards to saving her sisters, or the man she’s come to realize she loves as much, if not more than ever.

You simply couldn’t have a Warriors of Poseidon novel without the warriors and their mates, and they’re definitely integral to this tale. You have to feel a bit sorry for High Prince Conlan; it has to be a little uncomfortable meeting the woman he was supposed to marry, especially when she seems to view him and the other Atlanteans as impertinent youths at times. I honestly think Riley (his wife) fares much better in this department. Also vital to this story are Riley’s sister, Quinn (leader of the North American human rebels), and her compatriots, Jack (tiger shifter and her best friend), and Melody (their resident computer genius). Then there’s Reisen, a somewhat unstable Atlantean exiled from his home who’s seeking redemption. He’s a help, but at times a hindrance as he (along with most of the Atlantean males truth be told) does not approve of any relationship between Daniel and Serai. Any good book needs its villains, and in this case they include Ivy (a black sorceress and unlikely as it may seem, a devoted mother); Nicholas (vampire involved in the use of the Emperor who thinks nothing of ripping out someone’s intestines but doesn’t believe in hurting children); and Smithson (human banker, which you know means that much like the stereotypical lawyer, he’s probably the most dangerous of them all). One of the best things about this series is how intertwined the relationships are and, although this book certainly focuses on Daniel and Serai, look for much of interest to occur among the other characters as well.

The Warriors of Poseidon series is one of my favorites (see for a complete listing of the books) and like the others, this book delivers with a well-written storyline full of action, emotion, passion and characters you’ll love to meet again and again. VAMPIRE IN ATLANTIS is sure to end up on your keeper shelf.

Lori Ann


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