THE VAMPIRE DIMITRI by Colleen Gleason

Regency Draculia, Book 2
MIRA Books
ISBN: 9780778329824
April 2011
Paranormal Historical Romance

19th Century – London, England

Dimitri, the Earl of Corvindale, is a lot of things, chiefly, a vampire who is looking for a way out. For too many years he has abhorred his pact with Lucifer and denies himself the pleasure of supping from live mortals, or enjoying anything at all about his existence. Instead, he studies in solitude, searching for a way to break the pact. In this he has become legendary, for it is almost unheard of that a vampire would not enjoy the way of their kind—and who has ever heard of a vampire who abstains from blood from a live source?

Dimitri’s beloved privacy is shattered when the Woodmore sisters show up on his doorstep. Chas, their brother and a vampire hunter (unknown to the sisters), has disappeared, and now the ladies are wards under Dimitri’s care. The last thing Dimitri wants or needs is a bunch of meddling women taking up residence in his home, with all their fripperies, gossip sessions, and…nattering. But Mia Woodmore finds a way to get under his skin. With all of the studying and research he undertakes, he is particular in his habits and surroundings. Until Mia comes along. With her constant “straightening” and “sorting”, Dimitri’s world is turned upside down and thrown for a loop. He can’t wait for the minute she’s married off to her fiancé, Alexander.

Mia Woodmore does not have her sister Angelica’s foretelling skills or any of the family’s mystic skills for that matter, but her instincts are sharp and pop up at the oddest times. Right now they are screaming whenever she is near Dimitri, but she cannot ignore the tentative fascination she feels for him. When Mia’s world is turned upside down and vampires enter the picture, she must look towards the person she should trust the least for protection...Dimitri.

THE VAMPIRE DIMITRI is the second book in Colleen Gleason’s Regency Draculia series, so its characters and core story will ring familiar to those who have already indulged in THE VAMPIRE VOSS. The book features a lot of back story and retelling, which may feel repetitive to those who have already started the series. On the other hand, it allows new readers who haven’t read the first book to jump right in. However, I felt more connected to Dimitri and Mia then I did Voss and Angelica. Dimitri is a tormented and flawed hero (if you can call a vampire one) who hides his studious nature; he would much rather enjoy a good book or play than prowl the night. His studying has focused lately on how to become mortal again, but even before he was turned he tended to keep to himself. At times, his beta tendency wars with his alpha lifestyle. Mia almost played second fiddle to Dimitri, but her resolve and devotion to her sister softens Dimitri’s surliness.

It’s almost too easy to forget that there’s a third sister (a name that escapes me) who has been shuttled off to a convent for her safety, yet her absence plays a vital role in stressing how valuable the Woodmore sisters would be to anyone who wants to use them for ill gain. Perhaps that’s another story for a future time since the first three books (THE VAMPIRE NARCISE is out this month) are listed as a part of a series, and not just a trilogy.

All in all, I enjoyed THE VAMPIRE DIMITRI and look forward to reading THE VAMPIRE NARCISE, which is on bookshelves now. This being my first gander at any books written by Colleen Gleason, I’ve certainly found a new author to pay attention to.

Amy Cunningham


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