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Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-6138-0
August 2011
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Lanai, Hawaii – Present Day

Jenny Rogers is about to become a winner on Last Chance for Happiness, a television game show. This is Jenny’s Nana’s favorite show, and if Jenny answers the last question she’ll win a vacation in Hawaii. Will the question be hard? Jenny can’t believe how easy it is: What monumental event occurred on August 16, 1977? Everyone knows it was the day Elvis Presley died, and Jenny is on her way to Hawaii! As she’s in the airport near Parkville, Minnesota, where she lives, she soon finds the airline is running late, and if she doesn’t arrive at her hotel on time, she will lose her reservation. The head office of Last Chance for Happiness assures her they are not responsible and it’s her problem if something goes wrong. Just as she gives up and decides to return home, an elderly woman sitting close to her offers her another deal of a lifetime. Samantha Winston is the President and CEO of Winston Enterprises and has just decided she doesn’t want to go to Hawaii. Samantha would like Jenny to go in her place on her private jet and take in the business meetings she was supposed to have in the next several days, and report back to her the impressions she gets from each person in the meetings. Jenny isn’t sure about taking Samantha’s place, but the trip of a lifetime lures her.

Ric Karaka is an orphan; his mother Maria was Samantha Winston’s daughter, who was disowned when she married Julio Karaka, a poor Hawaiian farmer. Julio died, and Maria died in a hotel room giving birth to Ric by herself. Ric lived a while with his father’s parents until they lost their banana plantation, and then he grew up on the mean streets of Los Angelus. Now he has bought back the family plantation and wants to remodel it and open it as a bed-and-breakfast. After writing to a grandmother he never knew, he hopes after their meeting that Samantha will loan him the money to open his dream business and bring the family house back to its original glory. Now Samantha isn’t coming, and he again feels the pangs of being ignored and slighted. He figures the next best thing is to bring Jenny to the plantation and show it to her, then maybe she’ll fall in love with it, too, and praise it to Samantha, and he might impress her that way. All his best laid plans have been totally ruined by this beautiful, quiet-spoken woman.

Ric and Jenny have an immediate physical connection, and as much as Jenny doesn’t want to have a vacation fling, Ric is even more against starting something up with Jenny and forgetting what he is determined to do. But then two other men meet with Jenny, and they also want her to put in a good word with Samantha so she will invest in their fancy resort, the Samantha Winston Private Resort naturally. Ric is hot blooded with a short fuse, and the sex between them is rough and meteoric. When Jenny finds out Ric wants money from Samantha, she can’t figure out whether their relationship is based on their attraction to each other or Ric’s attraction to Samantha’s money.

Lorie O’Clare has two different people meeting and starting a relationship despite being total opposites. Jenny lives in a small town with her Nana, and has a relatively quiet life working at a grocery store. Not your usual sort of story having a rich and important businesswoman send someone she doesn’t even know in her place for business meetings, it’s weird, to say the least. Calm and quiet, Jenny goes with the flow and doesn’t fight the hand that life has dealt her. Ric is driven by his history, his life without parents, and wanting to belong someplace, with a family. Most of the story is told through both of their thoughts, which seemed to make the story slow down. Quick and exciting communication between Jenny and Ric seems to be mostly cerebral and not verbal.

Secondary characters are Marcus, Samantha’s assistant; Sean, the driver, and of course the necessary evil businessmen. Paul Pritchard and Mr. Sagawa want to build a resort on the island that is luxurious, strictly for the beautiful, rich people. And of course Samantha Winston…what could her reasons be for sending Jenny in her place to help make business decisions, especially when she knows she could be meeting the son of her beloved daughter who broke her heart when she married?

TEMPTATION ISLAND is a unique story that brings two people together who have very different backgrounds. Small town Jenny and orphan Ric have much to overcome in their quest for happiness. I can recommend TEMPTATION ISLAND if you like hot sex and two people who grow to love each other despite their differences.

Cece Johns

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