SO SENSITIVE by Anne Rainey

SO SENSITIVE – Anne Rainey
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-3900-6
July 2011
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Zanesville, Ohio – Present Day

For months, Gracie Baron has spurned the attentions of private investigator Wade Harrison despite his persistence. For one, Gracie has some personal issues going on in her life, and for another, Wade’s smoldering sexuality scares her because she suspects one kiss would dissolve her into a puddle of wantonness. When a mysterious admirer starts making threats against her and soon after she suffers a harrowing car accident, Gracie reluctantly turns to Wade for his help. But Wade makes it clear that he wants her complete, implicit surrender to him—in both helping to identify her secret admirer and giving in to Wade’s sensual desires.

Gracie soon learns that she has barely skimmed the surface of knowing Wade these past few months. The man is insatiable in bed, which is just the way she likes it because once they make love, she can’t get enough of him. But with the threats haunting her waking moments, can Wade and Gracie relax enough to build any kind of lasting future? Can Wade find and muzzle the danger against Gracie—and convince her that he’s the man for her?

Anne Rainey has built a suspenseful, erotic tale that keeps you guessing who is behind the threat against Gracie. She wonders if it is someone she knows and, if so, why? Meanwhile, she has had to work two jobs to help support herself and her deadbeat, alcoholic father. Her childhood issues left Gracie feeling unwilling to give herself to a strong, macho man like Wade, even as he makes her sizzle with the look in his eyes. But after her initial hesitation in revealing to Wade about her secret admirer, she turns herself, body and soul, over to him. Once alone, their coming together is enough to burn the pages. Meanwhile, the entrance of Wade into Gracie’s life has enraged her stalker. How will that play out as he plots his next moves?

An erotic, sensual, and emotional tale, SO SENSITIVE is Gracie giving herself over to Wade to do whatever he wants. She is a sweet soul who thought a powerful man like Wade would overwhelm her, but soon it becomes clear he’s the man she’s been waiting all her life for. While we get a few scenes of the stalker ranting and plotting his next move against Gracie, readers do not learn who he is until almost to the end of SO SENSITIVE. By this time, Wade has stamped Gracie as his. The sex scenes are smoking hot and well done.

A sensual, suspenseful page-turner, don’t miss SO SENSITIVE by Anne Rainey.

Holly Tibbs


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