SHADOW WALKER by Allyson James

SHADOW WALKER - Allyson James
Stormwalker, Book 3
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24182-0
June 2011
Paranormal Romance

Arizona and the South Pacific - Present Day

When a huge sinkhole opens up underneath Janet Begay (a Stormwalker who also wields Beneath magic) and Sheriff Nash Jones, it’s just the beginning of a whole slew of trouble. There are creepy magical hands in the hole that seem to want to hurt Janet. A bunch of unexplained and undoubtedly malicious damage to Janet’s hotel has occurred, and a new county inspector with a really bad attitude who wants to shut her business down shows up (suspicious timing anyone?). Worst of all, her boyfriend, Mick (a dragon) has been seen meeting a frail blonde in out of the way places. Janet is sure she that with the help of her friends and allies she can rescue her hotel, but the blonde is a whole other thing. Cheating isn’t an option as she knows Mick loves her and he’s proven it again and again. So, that means the blonde is up to no good. It looks as if it’s up to Janet to prove that her love is just as true and she’ll do whatever it takes to rescue her dragon in distress.

SHADOW WALKER brings readers back into the always amazing world inhabited by spirited Janet and her fiery lover Mick. Janet has grown a lot through this series and, although she’s just as different and dangerous as her grandmother always suspected, she’s definitely the kind of woman you’d be proud to stand beside. Still a bit gun shy about admitting how deep her feeling sometimes run, she’s about to face the most important fight of her life in this book…saving the man/dragon meant for only her. Mick is every woman’s dream; sexy, tender, brave and bold, he’s Janet’s perfect match. Even their magic combines in wonderful ways. He’s definitely not the sort to give up without a fight and, together with Janet, he seems certain to win this battle.

The Stormwalker series is populated by a diverse and fascinating cast of characters. Some of them are: Sheriff Nash Jones (a magic void, he’s Janet’s friend/enemy, still not really sure), Maya Medina (Janet’s electrician and Nash’s lover), Cassandra (Janet’s Wiccan hotel manager) and her lover Pamela (a wolf Changer), Fremont Hansen (Janet’s plumber), Elena (Janet’s scary, but excellent cook), Jamison Kee (a puma Changer and Janet’s friend), and of course, Janet’s grandmother Ruby (she thinks Firewalkers are generally no good, but likes Mick anyway). Oh yeah, Janet’s sister, the powerful and probably evil Gabrielle, is back in town, and the mysterious god Coyote is around from time to time as well. New to the scene are Ted Wingate (the county inspector with wandering hands and malicious intent) and the mysterious blonde (trust me, she’s evil). It may seem like a large cast but the reader is never confused, and all of them are integral to the story in their own way.

Full of mystery, action, passion, characters you’re sure to adore, and above all else, great storytelling, this is a fabulous read, one you’d be a fool to miss. Then again, I feel like that about all of Allyson James’s books. When God was passing out talent, He must have given her an extra helping. So, looking for your next favorite book? Get a copy today of SHADOW WALKER, it’s certain to fit the bill.

Lori Ann


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