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SEDUCE ME IN FLAMES by Jacquelyn Frank

SEDUCE ME IN FLAMES -- Jacquelyn Frank
A Three Worlds Novel
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-51768-5
August 2011
Paranormal Romance

Allay – the Future

From the time she was a small child, Princess Ambrea Vas Allay has been banished in exile by her father, Emperor Benit, because of the alleged sins of her late mother. Now twenty-six, she is summoned to the court where she learns her father has died and her younger half-brother has assumed control under the watchful tutelage of their uncle Balkin. But instead of showing mercy to Ambrea, she’s tossed into the catacombs, an underground prison, where she stays until a dramatic rescue by a stranger. Rush “Ender” Blakely is a member of the elite force of the Interplanetary Militia, who want to make sure the princess lives to become empress, because her half-brother has now suddenly and mysteriously died. As the heir to the throne, she’s the only one standing in the way of her uncle from becoming the new emperor. Without proof, the IM cannot intercede, so they do the next best thing by moving in and rescuing Ambrea for protection.

Rush is loyal to his fellow compatriots of the Interplanetary Militia and, because of his unique abilities, is assigned the task of grabbing Ambrea. But underneath the surface he hides secrets, even from his commander, Bronse Chapel. Rush fears if it’s learned about the fiery powers he has, he will be seen as a freak and banished to return to his planet, Taria. But he uses those powers to help Ambrea escape, and now she’s aware that he isn’t an ordinary Tarian. The shared secrets between them draw them together, and soon Rush is doing whatever it takes to protect Ambrea. But can there be anything between royalty and a roughneck IM officer?

Jacquelyn Frank has returned readers to the realm of the Three Worlds of the future with SEDUCE ME IN FLAMES. The Interplanetary Militia is a topnotch security force where integrity and rightfulness rules. Allay has been ruled for years by Ambrea’s tyrannical father, but upon his death she is the rightful heir, and her life is in danger. The IM has to rescue her from her watery prison and then bring her to a court hearing where she will be declared the empress of Allay. Rush can barely force himself to leave Ambrea’s side, as he feels compelled to protect her again and again. She’s ill prepared to take command, yet she has shown remarkable resilience in surviving not only through the years, but during the escape. Rush is afraid to touch her, because he knows if he does, he could burn her. When his emotions are high, he literally turns into flames. In fact, the first time he kisses Ambrea, he leaves burn marks on her skin. Add in the fact that Rush’s kind is considered barbaric, and there is no way a refined woman like Ambrea could have anything in common with him. Yet, there is that connection that flows between them. Can either deny their feelings, or are they doomed?

Meanwhile, Rush and his fellow officers of the IM are battling the evil forces out to make sure Ambrea won’t live long. While her uncle is the first and foremost suspect, there are others who want to bring her down. Top of the list is Eirie, who is the presumed favorite mistress of Balkin. She has access to a witch with deadly potions, and if Ambrea tries to take power in Allay, Eirie will do anything to prevent her from living long. With Balkin as the only remaining heir, the only thing left for Eirie after Ambrea’s demise is to get him to marry her so that she would become empress. Will Ambrea, Rush, and the rest of the IM forces recognize the evil in Eirie before it’s too late?

A powerful tale of action and intrigue, with romance and danger lurking wherever Rush and Ambrea turn, readers will be pulled into SEDUCE ME IN FLAMES right from the start. Can Rush and Ambrea deny the connection that binds them together? Can she ascend her rightful place as the empress of Allay? Can Rush control his powers so that he can not only kiss Ambrea, but make love to her? Find out this and much more in this scintillating read.

Patti Fischer

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