Monday, August 01, 2011


A Highland Knaves Book
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-38178-3
August 2011
Historical Romance

Scotland - 1819

Malcolm is a man without a clan after a brutal invasion by other clansmen killed most of his family and branded him and his surviving siblings as outcasts. Now an adult, Malcolm hires himself out to people who want to be protected, or who want to find others. Hired by Ambassador Earlington Marsh to guard his adult daughter, Serena, Malcolm soon finds himself involved in her life in more ways than he’d bargained for. With fellow Scots threatening to kill her, Malcolm puts his life on the line, and also his heart.

The only reason Serena Marsh is in Scotland is because her father needs her. His heart condition has made her overly protective, and, even though leaving her position as the gossip columnist for a London newspaper is painful, she is not going to let her father travel alone. When her father hires the handsome giant Scotsman Malcolm Slayter to protect her, though, Serena is not too happy. He announces that she’s not to go anywhere without him, and then ensconces himself in the very next room to hers. But is it Serena that the rebellious Scots want?

Earlington Marsh is in Scotland to find an answer to the unrest there. His heart condition isn’t stable, but he must find a way to settle this situation, and get his pride back. Serena is a handful, but Earlington is confident that Malcolm can handle her, and the housekeeper, who befriends Earlington, is helping him understand the Scots better. But trying to control this tense situation may bring more trouble to them all.

SECRETS TO SEDUCING A SCOT tells a story not only of unrest in the Highlands, but also of two sets of couples who are about to discover that their differences are not insurmountable. There’s plenty of action, but also lots of steamy romance as Serena and Malcolm come to terms with the world around them. The secondary romance is poignant and very moving.

Don’t miss this exciting Highland Knaves story! The next book, LESSONS IN LOVING A LAIRD, due out in 2012, will deal with one of Malcolm’s missing siblings.

Jani Brooks

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