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A Perfect 10: HER SURE THING by Helen Brenna

HER SURE THING – Helen Brenna
An Island to RememberA Perfect 10
Harlequin Super Romance #1725
ISBN 978-0-373-71725-5
August 2011
Contemporary Series Romance

Mirabelle Island – Present Day

Sean Griffin has almost everything he ever wanted…good friends, a part-time medical practice, a livery stable, land, and a bunch of horses. Now all he needs is a wife. He is waiting at the ferry for his former fiancée from long ago who is bringing his sixteen-year-old son, Austin, for Sean to take care of for the summer. He is not looking forward to the boy whom he has never seen or heard of until recently. Austin looks just like his father, but has some disciplinary problems and is unhappy. Who can blame him? He just found out who his real father is. Sean has no idea how to handle a teenager; he had never wanted children, and is in a quandary about how to care for the boy.

Grace Kahill, former model, also comes to the island on the ferry. She has rented a house next to the livery stable for the summer. She had been in an auto accident and fire and is still recuperating, but knows she will be scarred for life. She loves horses and brought her beautiful horse, Louie, to the island with her. She grew up on the island, and her father still lives there. She is looking forward to a quiet and peaceful three months from her stressful life, but she has trouble sleeping and eating. Even though she is beautiful, Sean is not impressed with her uppity Los Angelus demeanor, but does agree to stable her horse.

Sean doesn’t know how to connect to his son who has an attitude. Grace likes Austin and is teaching him about horses. As he works with the horses and gets closer to his dad, will he warm up to him? Sean is surprised to feel an attraction toward Grace, and knows that she is feeling the same attraction to him. He figures she is high maintenance and not for him. Will he be able to stay away from her?

Helen Brenna has written some wonderful stories set on the magical island of Mirabelle. Her characters find true love and readers find a fascinating and romantic tale. HER SURE THING is about a few wounded people who come to the island, Austin looking for a dad that he never knew, and Grace looking for acceptance and to discover if she is still desirable, scars and all. They are all wonderfully likeable characters. Excellent dialogue and pacing with a riveting story make HER SURE THING a heart-felt book well worth reading. You won’t want to put it down. It is a story of friendship, family situations, and love. For an excellent reading experience, I highly recommend HER SURE THING. It is a Perfect 10. This reviewer will be looking forward to the last book of the An Island to Remember series next month, REDEMPTION AT MIRABELLE.

Marilyn Heyman

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Kathleen O said...

This one is already on my tbr list. I love this series. can't wait to go back to Mirabelle Island.