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PELE'S TEARS by Sharon K. Garner

PELE’S TEARS - Sharon K. Garner
Five Star
ISBN: 978-1-4328-2505-8
July 2011
Romantic Suspense

Hawaii, Present Day

Part of the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands is not just the fair weather, food, beautiful sand and surf, but the Hawaiian folklore. Some say the legends are real, others scoff at them, but you have to decide for yourself.

From a very young age, Noelani Beecham (Lani) lived with the Kohoa family in Hawaii. The twins, Dante and Dom, were her protectors, and the three were together all the time. Lani loved nothing more than hiking and finding new places with the twins. Each place was more enchanting than the last. It wasn’t long before Lani started to hear the tale of Pele’s tears.

Her Godmother, Rosemary, believed in the legend about the priceless stones. But everything stopped the day Dom died in an accident while the three were looking for the treasure. Believing it was her fault Lani left the islands and vowed never to return.

Years go by and, after Rosemary passes, Lani learns she is now half owner of the family flower farm in Kauai. Imagine her shock when she receives cryptic and threatening notes about returning to Hawaii and Pele’s treasure. More shocking, Dante appears at her door, and convinces her to return to Hawaii.

Lani had forgotten how she felt about Dante, and it is not long before the passion and heat take over.

Rosemary left Lani an old trunk. Feeling her presence, Lani opens it and finds a hidden journal. Rosemary never gave up her search. It just got to be too dangerous. Who was watching? Even now something or someone is trying to stop them cold. Can Lani and Dante solve the mystery as well as find the jewels of legend? What is the green flash?

PELE’S TEARS will keep readers intrigued as the story follows Lani and Dante. Both characters are distinctly drawn. The sex sizzles but, more importantly, they are friends. The story moves along at an excellent pace filling the pages with intrigue, romance, and terror.

PELE’S TEARS is the perfect summertime read. Sharon K. Garner has penned a lovely story, with the serenity and mystic flavor of the islands. PELE’S TEARS mixes the second chance at love, a treasure hunt, and the lure of folk lore versus human greed. Readers will feel the beauty of Hawaii with the close family ties and traditions that have endured for so long. I think I need to book a vacation to Hawaii.

Enjoy Friends,
Deborah C Jackson

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