Monday, August 22, 2011

ONLY MINE by Susan Mallery

ONLY MINE – Susan Mallery
Fool’s Gold, Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-373-77588-0
August 2011
Contemporary Romance

Fool’s Gold, California – Present Day

Finn Andersson comes to Fool’s Gold looking for his twin brothers, Sasha and Stephen. They have only a few months until they graduate from college, but they left Alaska for California to try out for a reality show, much to Finn’s consternation. Dakota Hendrix finds Finn extremely rude but defuses the situation with friendliness. Dakota advises him to allow his brothers to make the decision and not try to drag them home. After all, they are of age and the show only lasts ten weeks.

Twenty people, sorted into ten couples, are chosen to be part of the reality show in Fool’s Gold. They are sent on romantic dates, and every week one couple is voted off of the show. The last couple wins $250,000.00 plus a wedding if they are so inclined. Dakota, a child psychologist, is given the responsibility by the mayor for protecting the citizens of Fool’s Gold from any Hollywood craziness. It is a town with many women and few men.

Sasha has dreams of stardom, but Stephen wants to find his own dream. Both are determined to not return to the small town in Alaska. Finn wants them to finish college, but when they refuse to leave, he takes a job as a pilot for the show so that he can keep an eye on his brothers.

Dakota is one of identical triplets. Because of a medical condition, she is told she will probably never be able to have children; she decides to adopt a child from Kazakhstan. She and Finn become friends, as she constantly helps tamp down his concerns for his brothers. Although she and Finn are attracted to each other, his worry for his brothers trumps any flirtation. But can they resist each other?

Aurelia lives in town and has signed up for the reality show. She has a difficult time standing up to her mother who complains incessantly, never satisfied with her daughter. Will she be chosen as one of the contestants?

Especially striking is the wonderful dialogue in ONLY MINE. The conversation of the characters sparkles. It is funny and realistic, and the characters are very likeable, making readers want to know more about them. They have their problems to contend with, but manage to keep their lives interesting and fun. The romance is steamy and the storyline intriguing. Finn is not interested in a lasting relationship; he has every intention of returning to Alaska, so Dakota must guard her heart. ONLY MINE is a story of choices for all three men.

ONLY MINE, the fourth book in the Fool’s Gold series, is another winner for this author.

Marilyn Heyman


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I loved Only Mine. Now reading Only Yours and it's incredible as well. Getting great reviews.

Susan's going live Sept 1 at Harlequin.

You can email questions to Susan at

StaceyC4 said...

Loved this book! The whole Fool's Gold series has been wonderful and Only Mine was particularly enjoyable. I agree with what you said about the dialogue. I knew I was going to love the story from that first page of dialogue between Dakota and Finn. Great review!

LoraLeigh said...

Loved Only Mine. Just love Susan Mallery books in general. A good read and the Fool's Gold series are some of her best!

Kelly said...

I loved this book so much I'm re-reading it...and it's only been out a month! With the new Fool's Gold book coming out next week, I couldn't resist refreshing my memory about this wonderful town!

Anonymous said...

Great review! Loved Only Mine! FG just keeps better & better...

Angela MacIntyre said...

I loved Only Mine!!! And, I just finished Only Yours and it was even better! WOW, I can't wait for Only His. This series just gets better and better!!!