St. Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-38908-6
August 2011
Romantic Suspense

Sweetrock, Colorado - Present Day

Some things are just fact in Corbin County, and nothing is going to change the facts as people perceive them. The most notable fact is that the Callahan cousins, like their fathers before them, are no good. When they returned to Sweetrock from their time in the military, the Callahan brothers found their land divided and sold to the three most prominent families in the small town, and soon after each of the three brothers married into those prominent families. When the three couples died together as mysteriously as the brothers’ parents had, the town looked the other way, and continued to ostracize the teenaged orphans left behind and disinherited by each of their mothers’ families. The three cousins, Rafer, Crowe and Logan, all fought hard to reclaim the inheritances left to them by their mothers, and battled being the scapegoats for every crime and misdemeanor that happened in town. But when Rafe’s best friend, Jaymi Flannigan, is murdered and the police try to pin the murder on the cousins, they know it’s time to leave town.

Cami Flannigan, Jaymi’s sister, hasn’t had an easy life growing up in Sweetrock, and her feelings for Rafer Callahan only complicate things. The crush she had on him as a teenager morphed into something more, and while she was in college their occasional run-ins proved that the connection between them is strong. But life has a way of changing things, and Cami had successfully avoided Rafer since his return to Sweetrock—until a blizzard strands her at his ranch. The passion is still there, but Cami has been hurt too many times in the past and isn’t willing to trust her heart to the man who left her behind in the past.

Now that Rafe and his cousins have left the Marines, they return to Sweetrock to claim their inheritance once and for all. They’ve stayed under the radar so far, but Cami’s re-entry into his life is about to change things. There’s no way the good people of Sweetrock will allow Cami to be involved with the trashy Callahans, but Rafe’s not about to let her go. It’s more than lust and possessiveness he feels for Cami, and Rafe has every intention of staking his claim—if only he can get past her stubbornness and the unknown people who will do whatever it takes to rid Sweetrock of the Callahans.

MIDNIGHT SINS is a complex tale, and only the beginning of the saga involving the Callahans of Corbin County. Nobody is quite sure what happened to cause the complete disapproval of the Callahan family, but the cousins believe it was the fact that their charming ne’er-do-well fathers married the beloved princesses of the town. That these women were killed in a suspicious accident thanks to those husbands caused that hatred to be transferred to the cousins. Yet, Cami has difficulty believing that it’s as simple as that. Rafe is convinced that Cami is ashamed to be seen with a Callahan—especially one who is still blamed for Jaymi’s murder, in spite of the fact that her attacker was caught. Cami becomes determined to figure out what turned the town against three teenage boys who’d just lost their families, but that has nothing to do with why she’s resisting Rafe. She’s suffered enough in her short life, and has no intention of opening herself up to more pain—or exposing her secrets to a man who may not be able to live with them.

The relationship between Cami and Rafe hasn’t always been an easy one, in spite of the intense passion they share, but it’s a romance that will have you rooting for a happy ending between them. We also get a chance to meet many others characters from the small town, especially Logan and Crowe, the cousins who are just as affected by the secrecy in Sweetrock. An intense and sometimes convoluted tale, MIDNIGHT SINS introduces the Callahan cousins, giving readers an intriguing mystery without solving it completely.

Jennifer Bishop


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