LAST RESORT by Rebecca L. Boschee

LAST RESORT – Rebecca L. Boschee
ISBN: 978-0-8034-9992-8
August 2011
Contemporary Romance

Encantadora Resort, Florida – Present Day

With the tour company she works for downsizing, Lila Hayes agrees to a temporary assignment working onsite at one of the resorts. Of course, while she knows this won’t be a holiday vacation, Lila doesn’t expect that the place would be like a little world of its own, complete with little kids constantly demanding her attention, romance between coworkers, and backbiting. But after dumping her boyfriend when he tricked her out of the money she’d saved for college, any place is a good place to be. Lila certainly isn’t in the market to start a new relationship, yet one glimpse of her fellow employee, Jackson Koble, has her pausing in her tracks. Nobody that handsome and charming should be someone she’d be interested in, yet she can’t deny the sparks of chemistry that fly when they touch.

Jackson is at this southern Florida resort for a change of pace and mental recovery after his father’s sudden death. He likes the work at Encantadora, but things really turn better when Lila shows up. He can barely keep his eyes off her, even though she puts up an invisible “do not touch” wall. Can he break the barrier and get to know the beautiful and luscious Lila? Jackson suspects that something (or somebody) has made her resist his overtures. Well, that will just make him work harder to win her, because she is definitely a woman worth the risk.

Despite their obstacles (Lila’s resistance and interference from fellow employees), Jackson does a good job of pursuing Lila. He must first win her trust, since she has been left with the idea that men can’t be trusted. Then there are the busy jobs they both have at the resort that leave them only a little bit of time to get to know each other. Author Rebecca L. Boschee has aptly and exquisitely detailed life behind the scenes at one of those all-inclusive family resorts. Lila’s job of babysitting the children leaves her worn out, but she still manages to win the affection of a little boy. When the boy’s father begins a friendship with Lila, Jackson’s campaign to win her is thrown for a loop. Just when Jackson thinks he’s successfully wooed Lila, along comes the bump in the road on their path to a happily ever after.

A cute, fast paced tale that is good for those times when you want a quick read, LAST RESORT has a motley cast of characters that are too numerous to list. However, Ryan, Lacey, Jenna, Pascalle, and Pug all play minor parts and add to the rich detail of LAST RESORT. And finally, there is Lila’s ex; Brody isn’t quite ready to give her up. Will he come between Jackson and Lila?

An engaging tale, pick up LAST RESORT at your local library or in online bookstores.

Patti Fischer


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