IT'S ALWAYS BEEN YOU by Victoria Dahl

IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU - Victoria Dahl
ISBN: 978-1-4201-0484-4
August 2011
Historical Romance

England - 1849

Aidan York has spent the past ten years living in grief, stepping one foot before the other, getting on with a life that is vastly empty without Katie Tremont. Her death in a shipwreck devastated him, and since then he has built a reputable, profitable business, and gone through numerous mistresses. It all comes to a stunning halt, though, when he sees Katie walking on one of the streets in Hull. It can’t be, but it is! She’s very much alive, and is a coffee merchant in the city.

Horrified to have Aidan York walk into her shop and confront her, Kate must scramble to give him a story he’ll believe. Under the guise of being Mrs. Hamilton, whose husband sent her to Hull from India to set up the business, in reality, Kate has fled from a totally different situation in Ceylon. She can’t possibly tell Aidan the truth, as much as it pains her to deceive the one man in the world who means everything to her.

Now that he’s found her, Aidan is not going to let Kate just disappear again. He wonders about a husband who would send his wife half-way around the world all alone. Kate seems determined to keep him at arm’s length, but he is equally determined to find the truth about her relationship with her husband. Aidan’s whole world has brightened since finding Kate again, and everyone around him has noticed his more frequent smiles and how happy he seems. But Kate, while still in love with Aidan, has to protect her past, and hide some very disturbing secrets.

A heartwarming, and heart wrenching tale, IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU has a great premise, and an equally wonderful pair of lead characters. Aidan is beyond happy to find his beloved Katie, and he’s not going to have his heart broken again. Kate carries the burden of what she left behind in Ceylon, and she’s not sure she can tell Aidan about those ten years apart. Her heart has other ideas.

Excellent secondary characters, proper dialogue for the era, and a heart stopping conclusion, I highly recommend IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU for super summer reading at the beach.

Jani Brooks


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