A Mac Reilly/Sunny Alvarez Mystery
St. Martin's Griffin Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-0-312-38516-3
June 2011
Romantic Mystery

Malibu, California; Monte Carlo; Prague; Mumbai - Present Day

Mac Reilly and Sunny Alvarez have been inseparable since the day they met. One glance was all it took to seal their fate together. Mac is a private investigator in Malibu, and his successful career has branched into a hit television show that brings him into homes around the world. Mac lives for Sunny, but his life's calling is helping others, so it's a toss-up as to who needs him most, Sunny or his clients? Usually, his clients come first, which is why Sunny is now winging her way to Paris aboard a jet on Christmas Eve. Mac has postponed their wedding one too many times—after she finally bought a dress! Sunny has had it. She's finished with Mac once and for all. Still, she chose Paris because they were so happy there last year. Maybe she's hoping Mac will follow? (He is a detective, after all, so he should be able to find her!) But, when a handsome stranger sitting next to her on the plane suggests she fly instead to Monte Carlo (It's warmer there at Christmas), Sunny allows this Prince Charming to book her a hotel room.

Meanwhile, back in Malibu, Mac is beyond crazy. He came home to an empty house, and he can't find Sunny anywhere! It's Christmas, where is she? When Mac calls her parents, they think that he's with her. Frustrated, his final call is to Ron Perrin, who owns a vineyard in France. Ron's wife, actress Allie Ray, is Sunny's best friend. That same night, Mac is on a flight to Monte Carlo.

As Mac is flying, Allie and her friend, Prudence Hilson, are on their way to Monte Carlo, as well, to commiserate with Sunny, who has made some new friends inside the hotel's bar. Kitty Ratte is an aging hooker, out to take Sunny for all she can get; and jewelry designer, exotic Maha Mondragon, vehemently warns Sunny to beware of Kitty. As Sunny sits at the bar, she's lonely, and in a perfect frame of mind for Kitty to swindle. The last time Sunny was in Monte Carlo was with Mac, and now Eddie from the plane has found his way to her, hoping for more than just the chaste kiss they exchanged earlier.

Mac is rushing to Sunny's side, but Eddie, Kitty, and Maha are already there. Allie is on her way, too, and before long they all converge at the hotel to rescue Sunny, who swears she is finished with Mac. His job will always come first, so how can there be hope for them? As all these dynamic characters come together, a jewelry heist is in progress across the street.

IT ALL BEBGAN IN MONTE CARLO is a sweeping saga of misunderstood love and unbridled passion. Mac and Sunny are meant to be together, no matter what. It's just going to take some convincing on Mac's part to pull this off. And, when he gets sidelined once again by the inspector of the jewelry heist, there might be no chance to save what's left of his and Sunny's relationship. With the threads still unraveled, there's a little bit of blackmail, and a little mystery; and Sunny is flying to India to help Maha, while Mac flies to Prague to solve the robbery. Will this story end happily?

The latest in a string of mysteries, IT ALL BEGAN IN MONTE CARLO is another adventure for Mac and Sunny. This sequel in the Mac Reilly/Sunny Alvarez mystery series is one of the best books I have read in years. Up next is a new adventure, FROM BARCELONA WITH LOVE in July. But before they can go to Spain, Mac and Sunny have to resolve their differences…where IT ALL BEGAN IN MONTE CARLO!

Diana Risso


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