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IN THE AIR TONIGHT by Stephanie Tyler

IN THE AIR TONIGHT – Stephanie Tyler
A Shadow Force Novel, Book 3
ISBN-13: 978-0-440-42303-4
August 2011
Romantic Suspense

A City in the Catskills – Present Day

Paige Grayson has just escaped with her life after being held at gun point by the husband of a woman treated for spousal abuse in the ER. The wife was killed, and the husband taken away by the police, but not before bringing up bad memories. Back when she was fourteen, her brother Jeffrey shot all her friends in the high school cafeteria and has been in prison ever since. Paige knew there was evil in her brother, but her parents never believed her. Even after he tried to rape her no one would believe that he was mean through and through, and he hurt her in the ultimate way and left the family broken and even more dysfunctional. Along with that, Paige has psychometry, where she can read people’s life by touching them with her hands. A job wearing latex gloves is perfect for her situation. When the ER incident stirs up interest in her and her brother’s shooting rampage again, Paige can’t take it and decides it’s time to move, again, somewhere nobody knows her. So now she packs up her life and drives to the one person her stepbrother Gray told her to go to in time of trouble: Mace. Gray and Mace were in a secret military organization that nobody knows about unless you work for them. After Gray’s death months ago, Paige has nowhere else to go and heal before restarting her life again. But when Paige walks into Mace’s bar, he has another member of the team, Caleb, living with him.

Mace and Caleb were tortured in the same prison where Gray was killed. Mace had his throat sliced and Caleb was drugged until he ended up with amnesia, found with a bloody knife standing over Mace. Mace is still recovering from that mission, and his CO wants him to be with Caleb when his memory finally returns and tries to live with whatever happened. But Mace is not happy to see Paige; after his first meeting with her years earlier he was mightily attracted to her, but she was the sister of his teammate. Now he’s stuck running a bar he hates and trying to gently deal with Caleb. But when whoever is following Paige kills a customer he had to throw out of the bar and leaves a knife behind trying to implicate either Mace or Caleb, Mace knows he’s going to need all his abilities and other members of his group to keep everyone safe. When the incidents point to Jeffrey who is now in the psychiatric unit of the prison, Paige tells Mace that Jeffrey will do anything to kill her, and it was only to hurt her that made Jeffrey kill all her friends.

Caleb is going through unknown agonies trying to release his memories. Was he the one to slice Mace’s throat, and maybe Gray’s? Even if the drugs made him do it, just the thought drives him to agony. His girlfriend Vivi and even his two brothers don’t know where he is. Their CO was afraid too many visitors would just confuse him more than he can deal with. Caleb’s short temper is hard to live with, and the agony he is in daily scares and bothers him.

Stephanie Tyler has once again amped up the excitement, terror and nightmares of the Shadow Force team. Written from many points of view, including Mace’s, Paige’s, Caleb’s and Vivi’s, each person is as traumatized as the other in different ways. Delicately handling the terrors of war, torture, and even a chaotic childhood, each one struggles with the hand that life has dealt them. But what we should know about the Shadow Force team is that they are a family, and if you are married to or in a relationship with a member of the team, everyone bands together to protect each other. If you’ve never been in the military, you will definitely be jealous of the tight bonds that grow between members of the same unit and the trust and faith they must have for each other.

Almost every member of the Delta Force team eventually ends up at Mace’s bar: Kell, Reid, Dylan and Cam. Is it Paige’s brother Jeffrey behind the evil that seems to grow around them with a cloud of menace? Also obscuring Caleb’s sanity is what happened when the team was tortured by DMH (Dead Man’s Hand) months ago.

IN THE AIR TONIGHT is another tension filled story about the Shadow Force team, a torn up and struggling group living with nightmares and trying to find themselves, but a team nevertheless. As Paige and Vivi become part of the team and try to protect each other from Paige’s brother’s dementia, they all join together to protect and help each other, especially Caleb and his slowly returning memories. Full of emotion, thrills and tension, IN THE AIR TONIGHT will satisfy all your longings for an action-packed story. Following LIE WITH ME (October 2010) and PROMISES IN THE DARK (November 2010), this is a stand-alone story, but why deny yourself the excitement of meeting the rest of the group? The next book in the series is NIGHT MOVES (September 2011) and will highlight Kell, the only member of the team who is more of a loner and a bad-ass than Mace. If you’re up for a thrill a minute, join the Shadow Force team and see what adventures they get into, both during missions, and after.

Carolyn Crisher

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I have been waiting for this third book to come out...It seems like forever since she had book 2 out.. I love these Shadow Force hunks.