A Mac Rielly/Sunny Alvarez Mystery
St. Martin's (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-0-0-312-66835-8
July 2011
Romantic Mystery

Malibu, California; Barcelona, Spain - Present Day

They say Bibi Fortuna murdered her lover and her best friend Brandi. Bibi was found innocent. Then, she disappeared.

When private investigator and television star Mac Rielly first meets nine-year-old Paloma Ravel, he has pulled her from the ocean after crashing waves swept her under the water right outside Mac's Malibu beachfront house. Paloma has been casing Mac's home for weeks, sure that the popular detective is the only person on the face of the earth who can help her find her mother. Yet, when Mac asks Paloma if she needs help, she refuses to ask the question that's burning in her mind. Mac takes her to her aunt's door (a palatial house on the same beach), gives Paloma his business card, and tells her to call if she needs anything.

Sunny Alvarez is planning a romantic getaway for her and Mac, hoping that he'll agree to take some time off. Sunny wants a vacation…just the two of them on some far off beach. Last year, she ran away to Monte Carlo, finished with Mac forever, and only because he puts his business first. But they're back together again, and just once, she hopes Mac will say yes and leave his cell phone behind. But duty calls once again, this time from the Matriarch of the de Ravel family, Paloma's grandmother. Her step-daughter, Bibi Fortuna, is missing, and Bibi's ex-husband, Bruno Peretti, is threatening to gain custody of Bibi's daughter, Paloma, and through her, the Ravel family fortune. Will Mac help find Bibi?

Sunny is away on a business trip in Napa, and Mac is alone and abroad, but he calls Sunny FROM BARCELONA WITH LOVE in his heart to tell her that this job for Paloma's grandmother is important. And, as it turns out, he needs to stay just a bit longer in Spain. The de Ravel matriarch, Paloma's grandmother, Lorenza, is an old friend. Actually, she's Mac's old lover! (And the only other woman he loved before he met Sunny!) Now, with their relationship once again threatened by Mac's job, and a beautiful old flame, Sunny is beside herself with worry. She calls her best friend, Allie Ray, a former actress living in France. Allie's connections whisk Sunny right off to Barcelona. No way is she going to let some beautiful Spanish widow have her way with Mac!

FROM BARCELONA WITH LOVE is a sure-fire winner! Other characters shine throughout the story. Little Paloma wants her mother back again. The de Ravel clan, sisters Jassy and Floradelisa, and brother, Anthony, are interested only in the de Ravel fortune their father left behind. They need to find Bibi and stop Bruno Peretti from taking over. Sunny is on her way to Spain to stop Mac from succumbing to Lorenza's charms, and Allie and her husband, Ron, aren't far behind.

FROM BARCELONA WITH LOVE is top notch writing and a great story. After a multitude of books and adventures, Mac and Sunny are very close to the altar until Paloma Ravel enters their lives. Now, will they solve the mystery of the missing Bibi so they can they find their own happiness? Or will Lorenza succeed and win Mac? Don't miss this newest edition to the Mac Rielly/Sunny Alvarez series!

Diana Risso


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