FEELS LIKE HOME by Beth Andrews

FEELS LIKE HOME - Beth Andrews
Miniseries: Together Again
Diamond Dust Trilogy, Book 3
Harlequin Super Romance #1727
ISBN: 978-0-373-71727-9
August 2011
Series Romance

Jewell, Virginia - Present Day

Yvonne Delisle is about to start the most difficult job of her entire career as an event coordinator: planning her ex-mother-in-law’s second wedding. During her marriage to Aidan Sheppard, she never felt welcomed into the Sheppard family. That, in addition to her feeling that Aidan found her lacking, led Yvonne to walk out on her marriage. She can’t entirely regret leaving Aidan, because it gave Yvonne a chance to figure out who she is instead of always being what others expect her to be. Yet, being around Aidan again has Yvonne realizing that she still has feelings for him.

After what happened with his brothers, Aidan should have expected his mother to meddle in his life too. But bringing his ex-wife to the family’s winery in hopes of reconciling them is too much. Aidan had always thought there was more to Yvonne than the aloof society princess, but when she left him he figured he’d been wrong. Now, he doesn’t care to find out if there’s a real person behind the perfect appearance, he just wants Yvonne gone. Aidan made the mistake of trusting her once before, he won’t do it again—no matter what else he feels.

FEELS LIKE HOME is a poignant reunion tale. The knowledge that people only liked her because of her family name, coupled with extreme shyness, caused Yvonne to cultivate the perfect fa├žade at a young age, and she carried it to such an extreme that eventually she couldn’t tell who she was anymore. Already uncomfortable in her own skin, Aidan’s pushing to break down her barriers actually pushed her away and broke up their marriage. She sees her new assignment as a way to prove herself to the people she’d always wanted acceptance from, and knows that facing Aidan will be as much of a challenge as pulling together a wedding on short notice will be. For Aidan, seeing Yvonne again brings back all of the pain, but pride kept him going when she left the first time; it’ll get him through again.

Their reunion is orchestrated by Diane Sheppard, Aidan’s mother, who has been very busy in the past few months. Using threats and manipulation, Diane has managed to get all three of her sons back to the winery, and coincidentally, they’ve all found love. Yet, even as she prepares to walk down the aisle herself, Diane is in for a shock.

At turns both heart-breaking and uplifting, FEELS LIKE HOME is an enjoyable story.

Jennifer Bishop


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