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Midnight Breed, Book 9
Dell Books
ISBN: 978-0-440-24611-4
July 2011
Paranormal Romance

Massachusetts, Michigan, Louisiana, Maine, and Georgia - Present Day

Corinne Bishop was born a Breedmate (intended mate for a Breed male, aka a vampire) and adopted by a Darkhaven family she treasured. Then at only eighteen, she was kidnapped and spent the next seventy five plus years being tortured by Dragos (a Breed intent on ruling everyone, Breed and human alike). Recently rescued by the Order (a Breed league based on justice and action) Corinne has only one purpose in life now, to get back the best part of her life, the piece Dragos still holds.

Hunter was once one of Dragos’s most deadly assassins. But he found a new reality when he was taken in by the Order. His only purpose now is to destroy Dragos and his entire organization. However, when he’s given the task of escorting Corinne back to her family, he discovers there just might be something, or rather, someone, more important to him.

Can a Breed warrior who denies all emotion and a woman who is full of them fight their pasts and come together to embrace a future? It’s possible, but first they’re going to have to try to bring down the darkness hovering over everyone—Dragos.

The evil that Hunter and Corinne have suffered in their lives is DEEPER THAN MIDNIGHT. Hunter was bred and raised by Dragos with only one mission, to be the best killer possible. Emotions, physical touch, any weakness, was burned out of him. However, Corinne manages to touch a sheltered spot in his soul, one that still hungers for those things and will do anything to get them. Corinne was once a joyous young lady looking forward to a bright future. Amazingly, she survived the past decades of torture and still came out with the capacity to both enjoy life and embrace the possibility of love. Both of these characters are strong in their own ways, and when they come together it isn’t just about passion (though trust me; they’ve got that in spades). They’ve got the potential to be a couple destined to help bring about change and make the world safe from those who would see it ruined.

Readers of the series will be happy to see many of the secondary characters who’ve featured in previous Breed novels are back for more in this one (see for a complete listing). Lucan (Order’s leader) and Gabrielle (his mate), Sterling (an Order member once with the Enforcement Agency, a Breed group more concerned with politics and empire-building), Tegan (a founding member of the Order) and Elise (his mate, once mated to Sterling’s brother) are among those back in action. Lazaro and Kellan Archer are members of a Darkhaven family nearly destroyed by Dragos and they would love to see him permanently put out of commission. Victor and Regina Bishop are Corinne’s adoptive parents; their reaction to her reappearance is both startling and heartwarming. Taggart, Murdock and Mathias are members of the EA; unfortunately, only one of them could make the grade as a good guy. Dragos is a determined man, certain at this point, that not even the Order can stop his plans. Unfortunately, he may be right. All of these characters (along with many more) contribute greatly to the story and are certain to leave you eager to learn more about them in future books.

Lara Adrian has an undeniable talent for creating books that leave you at times angry, frustrated, happy, and breathless. In case you weren’t sure, that’s a compliment. ;-) Intricate plotlines, intense and fully developed characters, and under them all a vivid sense of place combine to make her books some of the best around. DEEPER THAN MIDNIGHT takes its place as the finest yet. Of course, I think that at the end of each of them. Don’t miss this fantastic tale, and keep an eye out for the next in the series that will feature Sterling.

Lori Ann

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