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COWBOYS LIKE US by Vicki Lewis Thompson

COWBOYS LIKE US – Vicki Lewis Thompson
Sons of Chance, Book 6
Harlequin Blaze #630
ISBN: 978-0-373-79634-2
August 2011
Series Romance

Last Chance Ranch, Wyoming – Present Day

Former professional baseball star Logan Carswell has seen his career go kaput after an injury, and while he decides what to do with the rest of his life, he visits his best friend Alex in Wyoming to act as his best man. At the wedding reception, Logan encounters bartender Caro Davis. She’s smart, sexy and not afraid to join him for a night of uninhibited sex after the party. Logan can’t believe how much he’s attracted to Caro, or that he wants to stay on for an extra few days to continue their fiery affair. Both know that Logan’s future lies outside Wyoming, yet the desire for each other is insatiable.

Caro’s busy schedule barely allows her the time to fit in an affair with Logan, but the man is definitely hot—and their sexual chemistry even hotter. When Caro isn’t working, she’s trekking an hour away to visit her beloved grandmother. Logan is accommodating and soon he’s joining her at her grandmother’s retirement center where he’s the star attraction. But the nights belong to Logan and Caro. They can’t get enough of each other despite the obstacles, such as lack of privacy and a broken condom machine. When Logan has to leave town, will Caro’s heart be broken, despite her vow that this is only a temporary fling?

From the first page of COWBOYS LIKE US when Caro and Logan meet, their sexual connection simmers. With the small town folks around them and Logan’s connection to the Chance family, he knows he shouldn’t get involved with a local woman, but Caro tempts him like no other woman. Within hours of meeting, he’s raiding the condom machine in the restroom of the bar and plotting ways to keep on seeing her. Caro is just trying to figure out how to make up for lost time considering Logan is the first man in a while whom she can’t wait to get beneath the sheets (and elsewhere). Their coupling is sizzling hot, and readers might want to have an icy cold glass of water next to them while reading COWBOYS LIKE US.

Despite their sexual hijinks, Caro and Logan realize there can’t be a future together. Logan is at a career crossroads, unsure what to do after his forced retirement from baseball. He’s figuring on the usual career opportunities for ex-athletics, but when Alex’s sister suggests he resurrect his almost forgotten woodworking skills restoring a cradle, he’s surprised to rediscover the joys of making things. But can he do this forever? Caro has her own issues. Raised by her grandmother, Caro feels obligated to be there for her and literally pushes aside her own personal life. But Logan is persistent and inventive, and these two find plenty of time to be alone and perfect their lovemaking skills with each other.

A terrific tale brings to a close this trio in the Sons of Chance series, and COWBOYS LIKE US proves you don’t have to be born with cowboy blood to act like one. It doesn’t take long for Logan to get right into the cowboy persona. A scorching tale not to be missed, pick up COWBOYS LIKE US for some entertaining reading.

Patti Fischer

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