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Black Gold Billionaires, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2106
ISBN: 978-0-373-73119-0
August 2011
Series Romance

El Paso, Texas – Present Day

Eighteen months ago, heiress Ana Birch had a brief, sizzling affair with Nathan Everett, but Nathan, who is in the running for the CEO’s job at Western Oil, ended things when he realized dating the daughter of his company’s chief rival might hurt his chances. Ana couldn’t forget Nathan or the fact that he broke things off. Of course, she could never forget that he is the father of her son, Matt, even if Nathan isn’t aware of this fact. One night at a party, she runs into Nathan while her son is with her. He only has to take one look at his telltale birthmark to realize that Matt is his son. Now he will do whatever it takes to claim his son. Will this include jeopardizing his career opportunity?

Nathan has high ambitions because he was raised to believe that it’s all about work and success—and love isn’t a priority in life. He and his brother, Jordan, both work for Western Oil, and both are in the running for the same job. Nathan has to keep Ana and the knowledge he is a father from Jordan, since their rivalry is not friendly. He tries to work in any time he can to be with Matt and Ana in secret. Ana agrees, in part because she isn’t sure Nathan will be a good father for her son. As the only daughter of an emotionally distant father, she’ll do anything to shield her son from disappointment. But secrets are bound to come out, even as they grow closer and Ana finds herself falling for Nathan again.

It’s hard to imagine that Nathan didn’t question Ana when she turned up pregnant a few months after their affair ended, but he avoided her until that fateful night. A twist of circumstances has him getting close enough to see Matt and to realize he is the child’s father. Once that happens, he’s thrown for a loop. While he doesn’t think he’ll be a good father, deep down he wants to move heaven and earth to be with his son. Ana is reluctant at first, but eventually caves in. She is a good person and can’t deny a father his right to see his son, but she throws in the condition that Nathan cannot be an infrequent father. Nathan is juggling two lives—his working life and his quest for the CEO job, while he attempts to forge a future with his son and Ana. Can they make it work? What will happen if Nathan is exposed?

Ana has her own reasons for agreeing to keep her association with Nathan discreet. Her father, though he isn’t the best one, loves his grandson, and Matt may one day run the company. If her father finds out Nathan is Matt’s father, she may find herself and her son disinherited. Add in the fact that she’s been burned once by Nathan, it’s clear he’s going to have to prove himself to her before she’ll let him back into her heart, although it doesn’t take long to establish that the fiery passion between them still burns hotly.

Part of the Black Gold Billionaires series by Michelle Celmer, A CLANDESTINE CORPORATE AFFAIR can be read as a standalone, as the characters from the previous books only make brief appearances. But why would you miss this intriguing series as three men vie for the head of Western Oil?

Passionate and engrossing, A CLANDESTINE CORPORATE AFFAIR will surely hold your interest as it did mine. Ana and Nathan’s simmering sensual chemistry highlights this tale, as does the “waiting for the secrets to be exposed and explode.” Pick this one up before it’s off the bookshelves.

Patti Fischer

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