Miniseries: Billionaires and Babies
Royal Rebels, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2105
ISBN: 978-0-373-73118-3
August 2011
Series Romance

California and Montmajor - Present Day

The last thing in the world Stella Greco ever expected to hear was a man claiming to be the father of her son. In fact, she had hoped to bypass the whole father part of parenthood by using a sperm donor in the first place. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the “father” is Vasco de la Cruz Arellano y Montoya, King of Montmajor. Stella wants to believe that this is a mistake, but one look in Vasco’s eyes—her son Nicky’s eyes—and she knows he’s telling the truth.

Vasco wants Nicky to be a part of his life, and after meeting Stella he knows he won’t mind that she’s part of the package. He decides that the best way to convince Stella to come to Montmajor is to seduce her—and then fate hands him an even better plan. Stella’s job is cut as a result of financial hardships, and she has no other immediate prospects. She comes to Montmajor ostensibly to restore the books in the palace library, but it’s not long before Vasco has lured her into his bed. As someone who never wants to get married, Vasco sees this situation as the perfect solution: he has his heir and a beautiful woman in his life. But will Stella be willing to settle for being the royal mistress?

An impulsive decision at eighteen has left Vasco with his work cut out for him in CLAIMING HIS ROYAL HEIR. Law in Montmajor dictated that younger children leave the country at eighteen so they don’t get any ideas about challenging for succession. Even though he was raised knowing this law and that his brother would inherit the kingdom, Vasco still assumed his father would do something to keep him in the country. Hurt and disappointed, he lashed out, but now that he’s the ruler of Montmajor, Vasco has some regrets about his earlier actions. Seeing Nicky, however, he can’t completely regret his donation. Stella has learned the hard way that counting on someone else for her happiness is a mistake, and she’s terrified about letting Vasco into Nicky’s and her life. However, she can’t help but be charmed by the vulnerabilities she sees in the typically self-confident man, and she finds herself agreeing to give him a chance.

Not your typical secret baby story, CLAIMING HIS ROYAL HEIR is a refreshing change in more ways than one. There is no animosity between the characters, and even though Vasco’s initial plan is to seduce Stella, when they do finally come together, it doesn’t seem as if it’s part of a plan. An engaging fairy-tale type romance, look for CLAIMING HIS ROYAL HEIR.

Jennifer Bishop


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