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BLOOD HUNT by Shannon K. Butcher

BLOOD HUNT - Shannon K. Butcher
The Sentinel Wars, Book 5
ISBN: 978-0-451-23429-2
August 2011
Urban Fantasy

Kansas City - The Present

Three races from the ancient past, the Theronai, The Sanguinar, and the Slayers, form the Sentinels and fight the demonic, and just as ancient, Synestryn. The Sanguinar, as their name suggests, drink blood and are hunting for humans whose blood is powerful enough to rebuild Sanguinar strength.

The Sanguinar Logan is tired and weak, but he battles a Synestryn demon to save a couple who will breed children destined to feed the Sanguinar and help save their dying race. The Theronai have a program of pairing people with certain qualities that will help rebuild all the Sentinel races. During this deadly battle, Logan finds a woman whose blood instantly restores his strength, stronger than it has been in many years. He knows he can never have her, for he must give her over to the breeding program.

Hope has lived ten years without any memory of the time before she appeared. While she helps the homeless at a local shelter, she also constantly searches for her lost memories. As she tries to help a weak, and she believes dying, Logan after watching him battle an unbelievable creature, he grabs her and sucks blood from her neck. She finds this the ultimate of sensual experiences. While she is attracted to Logan, she also is wary.

Hope's blood has also attracted a very evil Synestryn who has decided that she is his possession and her blood his.

BLOOD HUNT is an action packed thrill ride. Either Logan is saving Hope, or Hope is saving Logan while they are trying to avoid each other's attraction. Quite a few side stories and characters thread through Hope and Logan's story, sometimes usurping their drama. These threads come from earlier books in the series, so while a reader can follow the plot of BLOOD HUNT, they will probably want to begin with the previous stories: BURNING ALIVE, FINDING THE LOST, RUNNING SCARED, and LIVING NIGHTMARE. All the stories share a vivid and convoluted story line, a rich and intriguing setting, and very passionate, desperate, and driven characters. Fans will love this new story.

Robin Lee

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