Monday, August 22, 2011

BLOOD CURSED by Erica Hayes

BLOOD CURSED - Erica Hayes
The Shadowfae Chronicles, Book 4
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0312-62471-2
August 2011
Erotic Urban Fantasy

The Ghetto - Present Day

Ember is a good little fairy. She does what the big bad boyfriend/gang boss says because it is better for her that way. Even when that means whoring out her intoxicating blood to vampires. Fortunately, she meets a man who can help her keep her blood where it belongs…in her body. Unfortunately, that fairy is her boss's boss and one of the toughest of the roughest.

Diamond wants one thing, to kill the SOB that took his girlfriend from him and turned her into a vampire. When he meets Ember, he knows she is just what he needs. Diamond is Ember's chance at survival, but a surprise is waiting for both of them at the end of their journey. They are falling in love with each other.

Thrilling and gripping, BLOOD CURSED is very original. Vampires and fairies? Mob and gang bosses? Magical drugs and soul stones? Who would have thought to put all that together? Good for Erica Hayes, because it works quite well. The story flows at a nice strong pace. It is quite captivating from page one.

Ember needs to grow up and grow a backbone. Throughout over half of the novel she is complaining about her situation of being under controlling men, but when the opportunity arises, she will never defend herself or stand up to them. Poor pitiful Ember, she cannot fight her own battles as readers see very early on. Diamond is a more interesting and developed character; however, his dialect, although meant to be cute and add spunk, is just distracting and aggravating. At one point he says, "Chillify, mate. Didn't do nothing. Set her straight. She's just sparkle****ed, or something." I had to go and look at other comments to make sure I had not received a typo copy.

All in all, the idea of vampire and fairy monsters is highly original and entertaining. I have not read others in the series so I cannot speak for those characters, but these didn't do it for me. I hope the next in the series will have a new set of characters and take on a bit more of a serious note.


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