Saturday, August 27, 2011


ISBN: 978-0-446-56847-0
July 2011
Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas - Present Day

Bernadette Hogan is one tough lady. After years in the Army, she came home to take care of her mother who was showing early signs of dementia. Now, Bernie is a personal body guard for one of the richest men in the country, Jeremy Bridges. Bernie lives simply, saving every dime to finance her mother’s care. Her apartment isn’t the best place to live, but it’s cheap.

Jeremy Bridges is self-centered, handsome, and rich. He does what he pleases and never bats an eyelash at public opinion or comments, not even when he wears tennis shoes with his tuxedo and leaves his black tie deliberately untied. Jeremy does contribute heavily to many worthy causes, and he frequently has several women on his arm, but only the beautiful ones. Bernie tolerates Jeremy’s cavalier attitudes and protects him carefully. Always at his elbow, she makes sure no on can take him down. Usually she’s able to ignore his arrogance, but tonight, after a rush in the safe room inside Jeremy’s house, he pushes the envelope a little too far. Bernie has had all she can take of his uncaring demeanor, and she attacks him verbally, which leads to a lust-filled and passionate coupling, after which, Bernie quits his employ and walks out of his life for good.

BLACK TIES AND LULLABIES do not mix, unless you want to know the outcome of that night in the safe room. Yep, Bernie is pregnant, and Jeremy is the father. But that doesn’t matter to Bernie. The first thing she does is ask Jeremy to sign away his parental rights. He refuses. Now, Bernie is stuck in a dead-end assignment (pregnant ladies cannot be gun toting body guards) and Jeremy is a headache she has to contend with. Jeremy, on the other hand, is determined to be part of her life.

BLACK TIES AND LULLABIES is a story full of sparkling characters who bring life to an age-old tale. Bernie refuses to raise a child with Jeremy. His worldly ways are not a good example for her child. She wants nothing from him. Jeremy never expected to get married, let alone have children. It just wasn’t in his plans for his life. But now, faced with the real deal, he isn’t sure just what to do, so he attempts to boss Bernie around. Bernie gets lots of advice from the guys she works with, and she ignores her mother’s words of wisdom. All this makes for a good story, don’t miss it!

Diana Risso

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