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BLACK MAGIC WOMAN by Christine Warren

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN - Christine Warren
A Novel of The Others
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-0-312-35720-7
May 2011
Paranormal Romance

New York City, New York - The Very Recent Past

Daphanie Carter is happy her sister Danice has found her one true love. Okay, so he’s not the boy next door (since he’s not exactly human) but the pair are obviously head-over-heels in love. And hey, if not for their relationship, Daph would never have learned of the existence of the Others and found herself smack in the middle of one of the most interesting (and dangerous) episodes of her life. When the little imp (a being who resembles a mini devil) she met at the reception invited her to check out a club for Others, Daph had no idea it would mean meeting (and accidentally offending) a malicious witch doctor named Charles D’Abo. Luckily, there’s at least one white knight in the club who’s willing to lend a hand, the delectable, if way too serious, Asher Grayson.

As a Guardian (not an angel thank you very much, despite the wings and near immortality), Asher is used to spending just about every waking moment protecting humans who stumble into the world of the Others and nearly always get into trouble. Humans are kind of like babies, helpless babies who never seem to mature. However, when he meets Daph he has to admit (if only to himself and only under duress) that she’s a level above the rest of her race. She’s not immature; she’s intriguing, gorgeous, and very nearly irresistible (a hard pill to swallow for a man who prides himself on his ability to enjoy a woman and leave her with no regrets). Can a man who prides himself on fulfilling duty above all else admit that something just as important, if not more so—namely, love—is necessary to his very existence?

This is definitely one of those times when getting what you wish for, namely Daph’s desire for some adventure, could be a bad thing. Of course, with Asher around, how could any woman consider their fate a scary one?

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN lets readers get to really know Daph. A bit naïve, smart, strong and with a curiosity that should have seen her named Cat, she’s a great person and the kind of woman anyone would like to call friend. Asher isn’t just a serious hottie. Nope, the intimidating Guardian may take the strong, silent type to a whole new level, but he’s also kind, caring and, once he gives his heart, as loving as any woman could possibly want. Oh yeah, and their chemistry is off the charts. :)

Readers of The Others will appreciate the chance to meet old friends throughout this book. Daph’s sister Danice and her new husband Mac don’t spend a lot of time in it, but hey, they’ve got a honeymoon to attend to. Missy (the second to marry into the world of the Others) and her husband, werewolf Graham (the first to realize Asher has feelings for Daph), are important to the tale. As are Corinne (reporter friend of D’s) who dubs Asher “Yummy One”, and Reggie (newly minted vampire) and her husband Dmitri (the vampire computer expert). Readers fond of the series may also recognize (and groan aloud) when Quigley (a greater imp) shows his face and leads Daph into that infamous club. Then there’s Charles Antoine D’Abo (the witch doctor)…wow! If any man could seriously believe himself more important than he does, I’d be amazed. As for the rest of the cast, I’ll let you meet them for yourself.

If you’ve read many (possibly any) of The Others novels, you’ll know that the initial stories were e-books that are currently being expanded and re-released in paperback form. Interspersed with those (which includes this one) are books that continue the storyline from where the paper versions originally started (WOLF AT THE DOOR, May 2008). So, it could be confusing to discover a couple just getting together in one of the re-releases who may already have been introduced to you as a current couple. But don’t worry; it’s not really that confusing. And in the intro to this novel, Christine Warren gives an excellent explanation as to why the novels are released this way and the correct chronological order of the books. Excitement, passion, mystery, characters who thoroughly captivate, and a satisfying romance make BLACK MAGIC WOMAN a must read.

Lori Ann

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