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The Byrons of Braebourne Series
ISBN: 978-0-06-203305-5
August 2011
Historical Romance

England and France - 1813

Lord Drake Byron is much too wrapped up in his experiments and mathematical cyphers to be bothered with thinking of marriage. His secret code that he has perfected for his government to use against Napoleon is secure in his safe, and Drake prefers sequestering himself in his laboratory over participating in Society. When his long-time housekeeper abruptly resigns, though, Drake must take some time to interview a new one and get his household back on track. The young woman who is sent by the agency hardly seems housekeeper material. And she’s very attractive. Against his own common sense, Drake hires her.

Traveling to England from her home in France, Sebastianne Dumont has one mission and one mission only on her mind: to safeguard her father and brothers back in France by somehow procuring the cypher that the French know Drake Byron is perfecting. Without it, her father will be arrested, and her young brothers forced into the military where they will certainly be killed. Deception is not in her heart, but Sebastianne knows she must deceive her employer and obtain the key to the safe that holds the code. With one of the French spies nearby threatening her, Sebastianne has very little time to accomplish her goal.

What Drake isn’t prepared for is finding his housekeeper so appealing. It is difficult enough for Sebastianne to avoid her own attraction to her employer, but soon she becomes much too concerned about him and how her betrayal will affect him when he discovers her lies.

The effects of the Napoleonic wars on both sides of the channel are played out in this thrilling, romantic novel. Codes, spies, and upstairs and downstairs in a Regency household all play out in THE BED AND THE BACHELOR. Drake’s obsession with his experiments keeps his mind from paying attention to his new housekeeper’s behavior. While Sebastianne is careful to behave as his obedient servant, the heat between them builds to a crescendo. How can she betray someone who trusts her so implicitly?

Well rounded characters, an interesting plot, and an exciting conclusion make THE BED AND THE BACHELOR an excellent summer read! Do visit the author's website for the list of previous books in this series:

Jani Brooks

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