Dreg City, Book 3
Bantam Books
ISBN: 978-0-3455-2577-2
August 2011
Urban Fantasy

Dreg City- Present Day

Evy Stone has died…twice, and she is back once more to battle the evils housed in Dreg City. She has endured goblin torture, lost the members of her Triad, became an ally with vampires and shifters, battled a demon, and saved dozens of half-breed experiments from a mad scientist. All in a day's work right? Now Evy is in an even bigger mess. Gifted with magical healing powers, Evy has become the science experiment. Is her blood capable of curing a vampire's bite? Can she keep it from falling into the wrong hands?

Love. Betrayal. New Friendships. Evy and Wyatt (her boss/ lover) will have to fight enemies they never knew they had and befriend those who seek their deaths.

Do not wait a second longer. Buy this book and the previous two in the Dreg City series to find out what you are missing! ANOTHER KIND OF DEAD brings back what readers loved about THREE DAYS TO DEAD (2009), the first in the Dreg City series. This third book treats readers to fun and easy to love characters while being completely original and entertaining. Not too much action, not too little romance, a perfect blend of everything readers are looking for.

Evy is the strong-willed, sarcastic female lead who is quickly becoming a trend throughout urban fantasy novels. Evy is one of my favorite characters, however, because she is real; she is damaged. Many authors of urban fantasy make their female protagonists too cold and tough, with layers that other characters and readers cannot hope to penetrate. Kelly Meding has found the perfect balance of that with Evy Stone. Yes, she is cold and damaged, but not so much that every once and a while someone can’t slip through the cracks in the shell she made. Namely, Wyatt Truman. Her boss turned lover after THREE DAYS TO DEAD. Wyatt is a great contrast and companion for Evy. Sexy and protective, Wyatt knows when to let his lady handle her own fights. He is a great addition to this urban fantasy read. More side characters join in cahoots with Evy and Wyatt. Kismet, Milo, Phineas and others add great diversity and spunk to the story.

The beginning of this book is out of place. Nothing really happens that helps further the overall story. Some events are just loose ends tied up from book two; others are either left unexplained or do not recur until the end of the story. There are a few plot points that could have been better explained or tied up. However, I do not want to further explain for fear that it will be developed in book four coming 2012.

If you are looking for an action packed book full of likable characters and just the right amount of romance, this is the series for you. ANOTHER KIND OF DEAD is a great addition to the series and really makes up for what readers thought AS LIE THE DEAD (2010) lacked: direction, romance, and a good "bad guy". The Dreg City series is a perfect read for fans of Kasey Mackenzie, Karen Chance, Dianne Sylvan, and other urban fantasy authors.



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