Sunday, July 10, 2011


Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-24125-7
July 2011
Erotic Historical Paranormal Romance

London, England - Regency Era

For weeks, Lady Jane DeWitte has been visited every night in her dreams by a handsome and dashing man who loves her in ways she could never have imagined. The inheritance she received from her late husband’s estate went to pay off her father’s debts shortly before his death, and with no family and no money, Lady Jane’s prospects are limited. She was lucky enough to obtain a position as lady-in-waiting to Her Royal Highness Princess Victorie, the Duchess of Kent. Yet, as the Duchess is likely carrying the heir presumptive to the English throne, all eyes are upon her and her retinue, so Lady Jane’s actions must be above approach, and a tryst with a handsome man is exactly the type of thing she should avoid.

Finding a way into Kensington House should be an easy mission for Sir Thomas Lynne, Captain of the mortal guard of the Queen of the Fae. Prophecy claims that the future queen will have the ability to banish the Fae from the mortal realm for all time, yet if the Fae can prevent the birth of this queen, they will rule both realms. By invading Lady Jane’s dreams and seducing her, Thomas is weakening the magical wards that protect Kensington House. But he’s also falling for the surprising beauty, which is very dangerous. His heart and loyalty are supposed to belong solely to Tatiana, Queen of the Fae, and if she finds out about his growing feelings for Jane, he’ll face something worse than death.

The Fae are looking to rule the mortal world, and their success is dependent upon THE SURRENDER OF LADY JANE. The losses Jane’s father suffered in the stock market forced her into marrying a man three times her age. Her marriage lacked both love and companionship, and there are times she feels as though she’s been alone all her life. Thomas entices both her desire for pleasure and dreams of friendship—even before they meet in person. Thomas isn’t exactly free to pursue a relationship, yet that isn’t his original intent anyway. Their adventures are erotic and unexpected for both as more is happening between them than pleasure.

A tantalizing tale, look for THE SURRENDER OF LADY JANE.

Jennifer Bishop

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