Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-50601-6
June 2011
Women's Fiction

Woodburn, Tennessee - Present Day

Ava Dabrowski can’t believe her life has fallen apart. Her estranged mother, Clothide, passed away. An affair with her married boss turned her dream job into a nightmare. In desperation, Ava decides to make some major changes in her life. When old pal from college, Will Fraser, invites her to take the summer off and stay with his family in Woodburn, Tennessee, Ava accepts. She has always wanted to write a novel, and this is the perfect time. With that she turns in her resignation and heads south.

Ava has never lived in a place very long. She grew up not knowing family, and Clothide was running from or looking for something or someone. Ava can’t help but feel overwhelmed by Will’s family.

Will knows Ava is at loose ends right now, but she makes it clear that all she can offer him is her friendship. But that changes when she meets Jake, the black sheep of the family.

Eva finds herself mesmerized by the old Woodburn ancestral home. The history that the aunts share with her brings the house to life. Yet no matter how quaint the family is, Ava learns the family has more than its fair share of skeletons…and a ghost or two. After Ava hears about the death of Fanny’s first husband Charlie, she throws herself into the story. She feels as if she is being driven by an unknown force that is helping her write the story. But there is one small problem—Ava hasn’t told the family she is writing about them. No way would they want anyone to know what happened back in 1931.

SUMMER IN THE SOUTH is set in the cordial life style that the south is famous for. The old family home stands proudly as a testament to times gone by, some good, some bad, but all memorable. The characters are gracious and endearing with a big dash of eccentric behavior. The aunts make the story, and readers will love them. Playing into the story is a blend of family dynamics, lots of dysfunction, black sheep, and one big mystery to solve.

SUMMER IN THE SOUTH is not just a romance, but a complex story of family and honor. Readers will not want to put this one down till the very last page.

Enjoy, folks.

Deborah C Jackson

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