Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Here’s some food for thought….

Recently on a board, I read a post from a male who went on to make disparaging comments about romance novels. It was pretty clear he had a preconceived idea of what a romance novel is and nothing could change his mind. He was shocked that librarians with college degrees confessed to reading those “formulaic Harlequin books.” I guess he thought librarians should only read classic novels and mainstream fiction.

I started reading romance novels (mostly ::gasp:: Harlequins) at a young age because my mother voraciously read them. She was the first one I ever knew with a huge “to be read” pile. When she passed on, we sold her massive piles of books. And guess what? They were one of the hot sellers at the yard sale we had that year. Romance novels have been a mainstay of every single modern generation. Sure, novels like Harry Potter and Twilight grab the headlines, but it is romance that is here to stay for the future generations.

As for the reading habits of librarians, I think it’s foolish to think they shouldn’t like romance. I would hazard a guess that many female librarians were raised on romance novels of some sort growing up. Even books targeted at teens will have hints of romance. One of my favorite teen novels had a sweet romance between the couple.

The bottom line is that we should not be ashamed of what we read. Romance is reading a book. Reading is a healthy thing to do as it cleanses our mind and spirits and helps to relax us. What’s better than getting away from the stresses and unhappiness by reading a romance novel? We know a happily ever after will be waiting for us at the end.

Now that I have said my piece, what are your thoughts on this? Why do you read romance?

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Karen H said...

I love reading romance books because...well, just because. I like my HEA. And as much as I like mystery/suspense/thrillers (on occasion), they just don't provide that warm, fuzzy feeling the way a good romance book does.

Kathleen O said...

Romance is what I started to read from the time I read my first True Love romance comic book.. Remember those...anyone...
Then their was those True Confession romance magazines. My father hated that my mother let me read them, but hey, that was what I thought love and romance was all about.
But romance in any form of book is a pure pleasure for me. It helped me get through some rough times. There are so many sub genre's out there to read, historcal, western, suspense, thrillers, paranormal, it just is plethera of great reading. I am proud to be a lover of romoance and I will not be ashamed to say so.. I like a HEA no matter what...

Na said...

I love reading romances, nothing celebrates love better than this genre. I first started reading romances a few years ago and when I later started checking in and participating in online reading communities I discovered a HUGE wonderful group of people who also love reading romances. I read various genres but do have a soft spot for romances, I find them therepautic. They are uplighting, heartwarming and far from trivial. Like Kathleen O said, there are many sub-genres to meet everyone's interests and for those who jusge before reading are missing out!

The Scarf Princess said...

I read romance as a form of relaxation from my real life. When the stresses of the day get to be too much I bury myself in reading where there's always a HEA. I enjoy the aspect of community that readers of romance have formed and the daily interactions revolving around book talk.

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Stephanie M said...

I love reading about HEA. They are usually more realistic. I think librarians and everyone else should be able to read what they want. Everyone has their own preferences and reading is supposed to be a way to escape and relax for a few hours.

smccar1 at hotmail dot com

chey said...

I like to read romances, mostly for the HEA. It's also interesting to find out how the characters react to various situations.
chey127 at hotmail dot com

Theresa said...

I also love reading romances! They really are a great escape from the real life. I just downloaded 20 romance e-books from a website called all you can books. I just can't wait to read them but I don't know with which one to start:)