Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Perfect 10: WICKED PLEASURES by Tori Carrington

WICKED PLEASURES – Tori Carrington
A Perfect 10
The Pleasure Seekers
, Book 2
Harlequin Blaze #623
ISBN: 978-0-373-79627-4
July 2011
Series Romance

Colorado Springs, Colorado – Present Day

Linc Williams has a score to settle, and Regina Dodson may be the person to assist him because she may lead him to his target. Regina is the ex-girlfriend of escaped bank robber/killer Billy Johnson, and Linc is hot on his trail. Does she know more about her ex’s whereabouts than she lets on? As a security expert, Linc is proficient in surveillance skills and blending in. However, one night Regina is out with a girlfriend and feeling little pain after a few drinks. Linc and Regina cross paths and soon he’s invited back to her apartment. While Regina has little memory of what happened in her apartment, Linc does, and can’t deny the scorching chemistry they have. He realizes he may be endangering his undercover operation by hanging around Regina, but their mutual attraction keeps him coming back. When threats are made against Regina, Linc goes into overdrive to protect her. Yet, is she an innocent pawn? Has he compromised his investigation by getting a little too up close and personal with Regina?

Tori Carrington has delivered a blistering tale of cat and mouse that involves reasons both personal and official for Linc. Linc is known as the quiet member of Lazarus Security, an agency he founded with friends. Yet there is nothing quiet about the desire he feels for Regina, or the impact of losing his detachment when it comes to dealing with her. After the sting of Billy’s betrayal, Regina finds it hard to trust people around her with the truth, but soon she is trusting Linc with her life. She doesn’t know why he is suddenly her protector, so readers know that when she finds out the truth, there’s bound to be an explosion of betrayed feelings. Meanwhile, it appears Billy is after Regina, and Linc will do anything to make sure that nothing happens to her.

WICKED PLEASURES is the second installment in The Pleasure Seekers series, and Linc and Regina get plenty of action seeking pleasure with each other. But their relationship is held together by the thinnest of threads, ready to snap when the truth comes out. Because not only does Linc have secrets, but so does Regina…

If you love your sex scenes sizzling hot or enjoy ultra intense suspense, then WICKED PLEASURES is definitely one to pick up. I literally got lost in this book while reading on my break and was nearly late back to work. Grab your copy of WICKED PLEASURES and settle down to read (and keep an eye on your watch) and discover for yourself why it’s one of July’s best reads in my opinion.

Patti Fischer

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