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Black Gold Billionaires, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2099
ISBN: 978-0-373-73112-1
July 2011
Series Romance

El Paso, Texas -- Present Day

Broke, disgraced, and about to be sentenced to prison, former socialite Izzie Winthrop turns to one man for help in saving her mother from also going to prison. Fifteen years ago, Emilio Suarez and Izzie dated and planned to elope, but instead she turned her back on him and married another man. Emilio’s pride still stings from her betrayal, but he took that anger and the intervening years to concentrate on building his financial independence. Now the tides have turned from his beginnings as the son of the housekeeper who worked for the Winthrops, while Izzie can barely pay rent. He’s wealthy and well respected, and currently in the running for the top spot at the company he works for. The last thing he needs is a scandal. But Emilio can’t resist turning the tables on Izzie. In exchange for helping to prevent her mother from going to prison, Izzie has to work as his maid for a month. Will this also include other duties?

Izzie has enough secrets to fill a book, but the biggest one is that she never stopped loving Emilio. She can’t tell Emilio the truth of what happened fifteen years ago when she turned her back on him and married a man twenty-five years older. Izzie is proud and doesn’t want to air the family’s dirty laundry. But she is desperate, so agrees to Emilio’s demand. Izzie works hard to try to prove to Emilio that she’s good for her word and, in exchange, he’ll see what he can do to help her. Living in close quarters soon has the simmering passion rising to the surface again. Can Emilio forgive Izzie? Can she ever confide the truth in him?

Michelle Celmer has penned an emotional tale that will have you rooting for Izzie and Emilio to find their way back to the magical love they had as teenagers. I will admit that ONE NIGHT WITH THE MAGNATE starts out slowly, with the prerequisite rich girl down on her luck who now has to grovel to the now rich and powerful ex lover. But as more is learned about Izzie’s past, the more you’ll become pulled into this engrossing tale and begin to care for her—and Emilio. Yes, the guy is a jerk at times, but his vulnerability is obvious; he hasn’t stopped loving Izzie. Both will need to open up to confide in each other and trust again. Emilio and Izzie deserve happiness and, as the cards fall in place, we hope their wishes will soon come true.

Part of the Black Gold Billionaires, ONE NIGHT WITH THE MAGNATE can be read as a standalone, though there is mention of things that went on in the prior book, THE TYCOON’S PATERNITY AGENDA, so it might be helpful to read that also.

As mentioned earlier, ONE NIGHT WITH THE MAGNATE started slowly for me, but soon I became intrigued as Izzie’s secrets were gradually revealed and found it hard to put the book down. I suspect you’ll feel the same. Pick up ONE NIGHT WITH THE MAGNATE for a tale of reunited lovers finding each other again and getting the chance to explore the passion they thought lost.

Patti Fischer

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