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LORD OF SHADOWS by Alix Rickloff

LORD OF SHADOWS – Alix Rickloff
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4391-7037-3
July 2011
Paranormal Romance

West Coast of Ireland – 1815

Twenty-two year old Lady Sabrina Douglas resides in a convent of others. The sisters are half fey and half human having special magical gifts. Sabrina is a healer and a day dreamer, always writing in her diary when she should be working. She is an aspiring bandraoi priestess, but some think she is from a cursed family because her father was involved in demon arts and one of her brothers has run from the rulers, the Ambas-draoi.

A man rescued from the sea is taken to the convent where Sabrina uses her magic healing. He sees his body with numerous scars, but can’t remember his name or anything about himself. One of the sisters names him Daigh MacLir (Son of the Sea). Sabrina looks familiar to him. He is sure she is someone from his past, but Sabrina does not know him. Maelodor in Wales is trying to reach Lazarus with his mind and has been unable to do so. He knows that if he, Maelodor, is alive, then Lazarus must also be alive, and knows he will eventually find him. He is looking for the return of a new Golden Age with Arthur as head of the other, and he, Maelodor, in control behind the scenes.

Sabrina sees flashes of Daigh as a different man, as a warrior, a man from the past. He definitely is a warrior as he saves Sabrina and her companion from a group of brigands. Although he was shot in the chest, he rapidly heals himself. He has some violent visions that cause him intense pain. The sisters don’t know what to make of him, but Sabrina believes he is here for a reason, and that they have a connection to each other. She trusts him implicitly, but Daigh is in a quandary—who or what is he, where does he come from, and what is his mission, and why can’t he die? Is he a Lazarus, a man raised from the dead?

A most unusual tale, and an intriguing one, LORD OF SHADOWS is a story of a man who is fighting the evil possession of his mind and perhaps even his soul. He remembers Sabrina from his previous life, but how can they have a life together in the present? Is there any hope for him? A few modern slang expressions took me out of the story, otherwise the book is well written, and an interesting read in this imaginary Regency world. There are several secondary characters pertinent to the story, both good and bad. Maelodor is thoroughly evil as is his subordinate, the handsome St. John. Sabrina’s family has been mixed up in the terrible plot. Will she be safe, or can Daigh help her when he needs to help himself? Don’t expect much romance in this enticing story, but it is a paranormal fantasy well worth reading.

Marilyn Heyman

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