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Stetsons & CEO’sHarlequin Desire #2098
ISBN: 978-0-373-73111-4
July 2011
Series Romance

Dallas, Texas - Present Day

With the takeover of Morris Enterprises, Tony Ryder figures that he’s finally accomplished enough to keep his controlling father off his back. Unlike his two best friends, Tony’s father no longer has any leverage against him, so he can go on living his life the way he wants it—dedicated to his work, with no plans for marriage or family. A late night walk through this new company brings him face to face with Isabelle Smith, the director of the graphic arts department, and Tony finds her irresistible. She even reminds him of a girl from college with whom he’d shared a wild weekend, before putting her and the fond memories they’d created aside to focus on his future.

Isabelle has enjoyed working with Morris Enterprises but doesn’t think she’ll stay long under Tony’s leadership. He has a reputation in business for bringing his own people into the companies he acquires, so the possibility of being let go or demoted is something she’s kept in mind. Also, she’s hoping that Tony won’t recognize her as Jessie, his college one-night stand. The night had been memorable for her, but when she never heard from him again, she knew it probably wasn’t a big deal for him. She’s surprised by the chemistry that still simmers between them, but Isabelle wants marriage and a family, and Tony is definitely not going to offer that.

Though he wouldn’t change a thing about the past, Tony does regret letting go of Jessie all those years ago. Learning that Jessie and Isabelle are one in the same is a welcome surprise, and one he fully intends to take advantage of. She may say she doesn’t want to get involved with someone unwilling to commit, yet Isabelle can’t deny the way her body burns to be closer to Tony. But can she guard her heart?

A LONE STAR LOVE AFFAIR reunites one-time lovers Isabelle and Tony, and proves that the attraction that brought them together the first time is still as strong. Isabelle’s goal is to be married by thirty—which is two years away—and getting involved with Tony would mess up those plans in so many ways. Yet, her willpower where he is concerned is non-existent, and between long, late-night phone calls while he is out of town and the romantic dinners when he’s not, Isabelle finds herself falling for more than Tony’s body. Tony’s goal is to be a billionaire by the time he’s forty, and though he’s well on his way to making that a reality, a relationship would distract him from that goal. The more time he spends with Isabelle, though, the more he wants her in his life. His dedication to his job is also an obstacle, as Isabelle has no intention of marrying a workaholic who will always put work ahead of family. Will the growing feelings and the lust between them be enough to overcome the issues standing in their way? Pick up A LONE STAR LOVE AFFAIR and find out.

Jennifer Bishop

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