Friday, July 01, 2011


Avalon Books
ISBN: 978-0-8034-7650-9
April 2011
Women’s Fiction

The Teton Mountain Range; Long Island, New York; Seattle, Washington - Present Day

Karen Larsen calls herself a modern gypsy. That’s how she lives. She is in control of her life. In the winter she’s a skiing instructor in the Teton Mountains. In summer she returns to Long Island where she owns a small bookstore with her best friend, Leslie Carter. Karen is determined that no man will ever control her again. That is what she learned after a harsh divorce. However, there are a few bumps in the road of life.

Karen stays in touch with Leslie by writing extensive e-mails to her. Here she lets loose, vents her frustrations on anything and everything. As a good friend, Leslie gives her support. Karen’s student, Howard, whom she calls turtle, has decided he is in love with her. Yes, he makes her life hell. But she has great students who more than make up for him.

Two of Karen’s favorite students, fourteen-year-old Gerry and his father, John, are delightful. As the lessons progress, she finds herself drawn to John. Both feel that special connection. Karen e-mails Leslie and, with her encouragement, opens up to John. Things are moving smoothly until Karen discovers John is a successful entrepreneur. A wealthy one at that! Karen gets cold feet and does everything to derail their budding relationship. How on earth can she be a freewheeling gypsy if she’s tied down in a relationship? And a very rich one at that!

Readers will enjoy A LITTLE BIT OF PASSION. It is character driven story with strong women who are flawed, eccentric, yet likeable. The majority of the story follows Karen’s e-mails to Leslie. Their friendship will keep readers fascinated.

Karen confuses matters between not just herself and John, but Leslie too. This miscommunication may just doom this relationship. I found myself getting irritated at Karen and her phobias. Can Karen finally take a chance at love? Would her best friend steer her wrong? With her trusty bag of m&m’s, will Karen decide what she really wants. Is she too late?

The beautiful settings of the Tetons, Seattle, and Long Island add to the charm of the story. With great characters and sprinkled with a large dose of romance, this story will delight readers. Enjoy folks.

Deborah C Jackson

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