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HEAT WAVES by Susan Lyons

HEAT WAVES – Susan Lyons
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-4252-4124-0
July 2011
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Sailing on the Aphrodite in the Greek Islands – Present Day
Two hot tales about love on the high seas.

Rock the Boat

Widowed two years ago, Gwen Austin is ready to start a new life, both professionally and personally as she boards the cruise ship for her first assignment as a wedding planner. To assist her in leading the group of wedding guests is the ship’s cruise director, a handsome and debonair Greek named Santos Michaelides. The sparks fly between them almost immediately, but Gwen soon learns Santos is actually an undercover insurance investigator and he’s investigating one of the wedding guests. Gwen has this sudden fear Santos is about to ruin the perfect wedding she has planned.

Santos is attracted to Gwen and hopes a little pleasure can be mixed with business in Rock the Boat. He can’t tell her whom he’s investigating for fear of compromising things. But when he’s not on the job—either undercover as the cruise director or digging around while he's investigating—Santos is wooing Gwen. She’s not sure she’s totally ready for a commitment, but Santos is temptation du jour. Slowly and surely the sultry summer days turn into hot nights of sensual pleasure. When the cruise is over, can Gwen and Santos really walk away from each other, or will they forge a future together?

A summer fling is just what cupid would order for Gwen as she and Santos fall in love. The sex is scorching hot and the chemistry sizzles between them. But Gwen doesn’t want to Rock the Boat looking for a commitment. Can Santos convince her that they belong together?

Making Waves

It turns out that Santos is investigating Flynn Kavanagh for the theft of several million dollars. Flynn was acquitted when the case was brought to trial and lo and behold, the prosecuting attorney, Kendra Kirk, is also on board. Kendra is a workaholic attorney and is hoping to enjoy some rest and relaxation, but all her plans come crashing down when she encounters Flynn. It’s hard for her to not be Making Waves as the sparks of attraction shimmer between them the first day. It would be unethical for her to get involved with an alleged thief she tried. Flynn isn’t too happy to see her either, but soon it becomes apparent that there is more than the hot temperatures causing the heat to rise between them.

Flynn is a devoted son and brother who is still trying to convince people that he’s innocent of the charges that were brought against him. He’s angry at Kendra for her part in the trial, yet maybe a huge part of his anger is because he couldn’t act on the lust he felt for her when he met her in an elevator, unaware at the time her identity. Now forced to interact on board the Aphrodite, their simmering attraction soon turns to uncontrollable passion. They know it’s wrong to get involved, yet neither can resist. By day they act as if nothing is going on between them, but at night they can barely keep their hands off each other. If Flynn can prove his innocence and clear his name, then maybe he can win Kendra’s heart.

Readers will sense right from the start that Flynn is innocent and hope he can find the real culprit before the end of Making Waves. Meanwhile, Kendra has to learn to not let work be her passion when she has a sexy, hot-blooded male occupying her time on board.

Susan Lyons has created a perfect blend of interesting characters, romance, intrigue and of course, hot sex, to the pages of HEAT WAVES. Loosely connected to SEX ON THE BEACH and SEX ON THE SLOPES, HEAT WAVES will surely chase away the summer blues.

Holly Tibbs

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