Sunday, July 10, 2011


Harlequin Desire #2100
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-73113-8
July 2011
Contemporary Series Romance

San Phillippe, Europe - the Present

Her father is pressuring Princess Rebecca Marconi to get married, as he is her siblings. She doesn't want an arranged marriage, so to give herself time, she escapes to a worldwide trip. In New Zealand, she finds Chicago businessman Logan Buchanan has tracked her down. He wants access to San Phillippe royals for his business, and has a solution for both of their problems: an engagement of convenience.

Cool and aloof, Rebecca rejects Logan's proposal and runs away again. Although devastatingly attractive, Logan is not the type of man she can marry. Then while on a call to her father, she learns he has planned a ball for her and her unmarried brother. All the most eligible bachelors in Europe have been invited. Rebecca calls Logan.

This starts a dating game that gives them both what they want, the princess freedom from wedding pressure, or worse, having to marry someone who only wants her royal status, and Logan gains access to important people. Along the way, each learns the other is not the person they thought. She is not the pampered and privileged socialite, and he is not the cut-throat businessman. Of course, mutual attraction and emotions lead to a love impasse. How will either know the other truly loves them and not what they have to offer?

The characters are well drawn with very human faults, but also nobility. The story is a well written and interesting twist on the Cinderella tale. Good reading.

Robin Lee

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