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DEAD IRON by Devon Monk

DEAD IRON - Devon Monk
The Age of Steam
Roc Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-451-46396-8
July 2011
Steampunk Fantasy

An Alternate Oregon Territory during the Steam Age

Cedar Hunt is a bounty hunter with more than just his prey to worry about. Cursed by the Pawnee, Cedar is doomed to turn into a werewolf during the stages of the full moon. He must hunt the Strange, a form of machine who walk the earth intent on their own agenda, which isn’t healthy for humans. Cedar settles in Hallelujah, Oregon, where an ancient Strange, Shard Lefel has been building a railroad through the center of the small town. While the inhabitants are unaware of Lefel’s real purpose or that he is not human, weird things begin to happen. The blacksmith’s young son is taken from his bed, with no hint as to how he left a locked house. At the father’s plea, Cedar undertakes the search for the boy. But there is more to Elbert’s disappearance than meets the eye.

Mae Lindson’s husband, Jeb, has been gone for three years. Leaving her coven behind at seventeen, Mae married Jeb, who is black, and they left the area to find a place where they could live in peace. Now, years later, with Jeb off finding work, Mae must live by her ancient ways, weaving, tatting, healing, and avoiding the curious folk of Hallelujah. While Mae feels that her husband is still alive, there is one man who has undertaken a quest to kill him.

Left as an infant on her adoptive parents’ doorstep, Rose Small has always been a little odd to the townsfolk. At seventeen, she has no interest in marriage or settling down, instead she wants to make devices and has been learning metalwork at the blacksmith’s for years. Like Mae, Rose is a bit of an outcast, but she holds a secret that will be helpful in the near future.

The Madder brothers are rough, wild men who live on the outskirts of town. Everyone avoids them, but they are here for a good reason that only they know about. They are in search of something that affects all humanity, and they think they know who possesses it.

DEAD IRON is an intense, character driven tale that moves quickly from one exciting scene to the next. Just who are the good guys? Readers will have to decide, but it’s readily apparent who the bad ones are. Gritty and occasionally bloody, the story rapidly moves to a page-turning conclusion. It’s very difficult to put this book down once the reader reaches a certain point!

A world of gears, machines, magic, and heroes who must make terrible decisions, DEAD IRON is the first in Ms. Monk’s Age of Steam series. Don’t miss it!

Jani Brooks

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