Friday, July 01, 2011


Grand Central's Forever
ISBN: 978-0-446-56847-0
July 2011
Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

The epitome of suave badness, Jeremy Bridges is not the kind of man bodyguard Bernadette Hogan would ever get involved with. But one night after a botched robbery attempt leaves them holed up alone in a room, one thing leads to another…and ultimately, a pregnancy. Now two people who are polar opposites of each other are going to be connected by a child. Bernie figures Jeremy wouldn’t want to be part of their child’s life except for occasional visits, but he surprises her by suddenly showing an interest in the pregnancy…and Bernie. Even as she tries to stay as far away as possible from the charismatic Jeremy, the harder it becomes…until she finds herself falling in love with him.

From being a child raised in poverty to a powerful millionaire, Jeremy seems to have it all, including the ability to have any woman he wants. While he might not have normally looked at plain talking and conservatively dressed Bernie, her independent spirit and sassy mouth keeps him on his toes. She certainly isn’t kowtowing to his wishes, and soon he wants to do whatever it takes to keep her happy. After learning Bernie’s carrying twins, it becomes doubly important that they—and she—remain in his life. Jeremy has no plans to be a weekend father and face the possibility of another man becoming the most important male figure in his children’s lives. He’ll move heaven and earth (and lots of charm) to win the hand of Bernie.

With BLACK TIES AND LULLABIES, Jane Graves has penned a witty tale revolving around two seemingly mismatched people and what brought them together. Bernie is dedicated to her work and does a darn good job of protecting Jeremy, yet he doesn’t appreciate her efforts. Alas, his luck goes dry when he is lured into the arms of a femme fatale and it lands Jeremy and Bernie trapped together in a room with nothing to do except look at each other. Like a bolt of lightning, the close quarters lead to an even closer encounter. Stunned by what happened, Bernie quits, yet Jeremy is determined he won’t lose his best bodyguard without a fight. She resists, but when it’s learned she is pregnant, both Jeremy and Bernie (after the initial shock wears off) see the impending birth as a start of a new life for each of them. Now they have to figure out if this also means a future together.

While BLACK TIES AND LULLABIES focuses mainly on Jeremy and Bernie, other minor characters of note include Bernie’s mother, Eleanor, who’s begun to forget things. Bernie’s worried about her and wonders how she can take care of her twins and her mother at the same time. Max is sent as the replacement bodyguard after Bernie quits. He’s a man of few words, but Jeremy knows exactly where he stands with Max. Of course, the biggest minor characters of all are the twin babies. Will they end up being like their debonair father, or independent like their mother?

I highly recommend BLACK TIES AND LULLABIES for the ultimate beach read. You’ll laugh, cry and be ready to root Jeremy and Bernie on to some well-deserved happiness. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up today.

Patti Fischer

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